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Workout Exercises and 7 Tips to Reduce Belly Fat



Reduce Belly Fat
Reduce belly fat with good diet and exercise
While losing weight is obviously a very popular concern among us, reducing belly fat is not a small deal. Every day we come across pills and machines that claim to reduce belly fat.

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However, these things aren’t really helping. Therefore, besides following a few basic exercises, a suitable diet can effectively contribute to reducing belly fat.

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5 Foods to reduce stomach/belly fat

  • Fish rich in omega 3
  • Green tea
  • Nuts
  • Dairy products which include low-fat milk, yogurt and Cheese(especially Swiss cheese)
  • Oats and barley

7 Lifestyle Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

In order to reduce your tummy fat naturally at home, we bring to you these 7 amazing tips that include proper diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management. 

1. Lead an active lifestyle 

Are you living a sedentary or an active one? Don’t be lazy and follow the right workout. So stop being plopped on that chair and look out for these 7 easy office chair workouts & Belly Fat Reduction Exercises to bail you out.

Those of you men or women seated to watch your favorite daily serial to begin, you could instead do this easy 5-min home chair workouts that will not only help lose tummy or belly fat but overall health.

Noteworthy Tips on belly fat reduction exercises for men/women

  • A Thousand crunches a day may get you strong abdominal muscles, but with a layer of fat on top, you will still not get the visible abs that you want.
  • Instead of all those crunches, do exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and work your cardiovascular system.
  • Eg- Try planking, where you hold yourself in a push-up position, resting your forearms on the ground. Try 3 or 4 sets holding for 30 seconds each.
  • Getting up and moving throughout the day by going for walks will also help.
  • Follow a full body exercise and short bursts of a workout. Circuit training, interval training work best for reduction of tummy fat and even overall weight.
  • Circuit training is found to be much more effective than traditional cardio for reducing fat from all over the body.

For more information about Exercises to reduce belly fat click here

2. Improve your diet

The more you consume junk and processed food, the more is your chances to increase calories and less to lose belly fat.

3. Hitting the gym

When there is a lack of seriousness in your workout regime or only a single exercise is being practiced, you wouldn’t see any benefit out of it.

4. Destress yourself

The word says it all. The stress hormone cortisol works against your fat!

5. Sleep like a baby!

Lack of sleep is going to make you look like a panda, none of the cuteness but an overload of the belly fat.

Did you know, lack of sleep also releases cortisol, the infamous stress hormone? Do yourself a favour, put out the lights, keep the mobiles aside and lull yourself to sleep.

If you do not sleep enough, it directly affects your hormones. When you are sleep deprived, there’s very little leptin and high ghrelin in your system, causing the body to think that it is hungry and needs more food. This leads to over-eating and weight gain. Hence Sleeping Well is one of the important ways to lose & reduce tummy or belly fat naturally, quickly at home for both men & women.

6. Get motivated

Negativity and low self-esteem is why that fat ain’t leaving you. If you are not willing to challenge yourself, then your belly fat is soon going to challenge the stitch lines of your clothes and ultimately your self-esteem.

Reducing belly fat can be tricky but if you know the ways, you can surely reduce your waistline. Go through the different belly fat reducing ways in the video below and see it for yourself.

7. Physical activities to lose belly fat at home

Don’t want that belly fat to bulge? Here’s another good tip to decrease it naturally at home. Aerobic exercises and yoga are few of the best ways to reduce tummy fat.

It is said that physical activity contributes to only 30% in weight loss. The remaining aid of 70% weight reduction (including belly fat reduction) is by dietary plan.

This great video by vox is gives you all the dope about how those unlimited ab crunches are only going to hurt you and not your belly fat.

Suryanamaskar is the best yoga asana for all age groups to perform to have a fit healthy life! Crunches and Zuma can also be done along with the yoga routine!

Note:  Yoga is one of the best options not just to reduce belly fat but overall weight naturally.


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 2 Important Reasons for belly fat

  1. You’re getting old! 
    Your age factor may be making it harder for you to reduce belly fat naturallyWith age, your metabolic rate tends to slow down and the fat clings onto you harder and stubborn fat starts accumulating around your belly, thighs & butts (For the sake of convenience, we call it as belly fat.)! So it’s important to know the causes, dos, don’ts, exercises, diet plans, tips and other solutions given here to overcome this age problem affecting belly fat accumulation.
  2. Hormonal changes affecting belly fat reduction
    Women at the time of and after menopause gain a lot of belly weight due to the reason that the female hormones Estrogen and Progesterone play low. Men, do not heave a sigh of relief just yet.  Not only there is a fat gain in women, there is an equal fat gain in men because the hardy male hormone testosterone also slows down. This is a useful advice to reduce belly fat for Women.

How to remove belly fat?

Having trouble in losing that stubborn belly fat? Incorporate these do’s and dont’s to your list to aid in weight loss to decrease belly fat.

4 Do’s to Burn Belly Fat

  • 1. Set your long-term weight loss goal
  • 2. Eat a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables for reduction of tummy fat quickly.
  • 3. Start exercising

“Note: Best exercises to reduce belly fat or overall weight are explained in this article as one of the 8 useful tips to lose tummy.”.  

4. Drink plenty of water

6 Don’ts for Belly Fat Reduction:

  • 1. Don’t starve your body in order to lose weight or decrease belly fat.
  • 2. Skip fad diets that only allow you a limited number of foods.
  • 3. Don’t have weight loss pills as they may have negative side effects.
  • 4. Eliminate sugar from your diet to decrease fat naturally.
  • 5. Don’t have fast food and processed foods.

6. Don’t drink diet sodas and fruit juices that consist of sugar that could promote weight gain.

Do hormones play a role?

As your wondering on ways to lose belly fat and love handle, the little-known agents in your body are either working for or against you in your belly fat crusade.

We are talking about hormones and with hormonal imbalance all goes down the drain. The Thyroid hormones, sex hormones, and stress hormones both in men and women are contributors to belly weight.

Check out how to control hormones with different foods that can help in reducing your belly fat.

In men, obesity is said to lower the testosterone level (andropause) and increase the cortisol level which leads to muscle mass wastage and increase in body fat [2] [3].

However, the hormone testosterone which is said to be produced in fewer amounts in women hits a peak and this is majorly due to PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) or Adrenocortical Hyperplasia. PCOS makes the person crave for more food hence pushing them towards the obese line.

Menopause is the next reason why belly fat is not lost. In the case of menopause, the hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone get low[4]. Don’t mistake the bloating during the monthlies with belly fat. That is to do with hormonal imbalance during menstrual cycle [5].

A point to be noted, young women,

“You will never add belly fat during your monthly periods, so de-stress a little on that!”.  

Tips to lose belly fat at home

Don’t want that belly fat to bulge? Aerobic exercises and yoga are few of the best ways to reduce tummy fat. It is said that physical activity contributes to only 30% in weight loss. The remaining aid of 70% is by the dietary plan.

This great video by vox is given you all the dope about how those unlimited ab crunches are only going to hurt you and not your belly fat.

Suryanamaskars is the best yoga asana for all age groups to perform to have a fit healthy life! Crunches and Zuma can also be done along with the yoga routine!


Recommended read: We bet you didn’t know about these hidden benefits of yoga, it also helps you in eating smartly to avoid weight and fat gain (read: belly fat)

Tips to Lose belly fat for men

We have seen men preferring Gym to quickly reduce weight. Hitting the gym is a good option for reduction of weight. If in the gym, a must do is the “Crunch with Leg Curl” and “Trunk Rotation”.

Physical activity alone will not help in weight loss, reduction and even to reduce belly fat. For best results, increased physical activity should be accompanied by dietary changes.

You can add lemon juice to your morning wake up the drink, and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated round the clock!! Detox is a good pick.

Here is a simple detox recipe you can try at home!!! So, it’s not as complicated as it used to be earlier for the men who want decrease fat quickly.

 Hope the above answer is more useful to reduce tummy or belly fat for men.


2 mins detox drink to lose belly fat
Simple strawberry detox

The time has come to reduce Belly fat men! :

Tips to Lose belly fat for women

Reducing belly fat has always been a pursuit of happiness for women. Staying fit and healthy can only be with the reduction process. So here are some quick tips to reduce belly fat fast at home naturally and quickly

1. Exercise Regularly, Stretches and Crunches is a must! ( Basic exercises to lose belly fat). We have an easy-to-follow tutorial style workout video by Truweight’s fitness doyen Sobha Rani. Check it out if you’re really serious about putting efforts to decrease fat at home.


2. Cut the Trans-fats and replace it with Olive oil

3. Drink lots of water! Swim in it if you can!

4. Be Stress-Free and more relaxed

5. Hit the sack early! You need six to eight hours of sleep

6. Eat every three hours and don’t starve for too long

7. Add those veggies you have gagged over when young, especially the greens!

8. Knockdown on alcohol and choose dark chocolate when the craving for something sweet. This could be one of the major and best ways to even stop on the bloating of your tummy during your periods which is mistaken for belly fat. Read the tips to control the bloating and not to blame it on belly fat!

Foods that Reduce Belly Fat

No more bloating during periods - lose belly fat
Tips for those hard days

Eating a healthy diet, on the whole, suffices not only to build your nutrient reservoir but also to cover the entire needs of the body.

From the point of onset of diseases to the point of the well-being of the individual, a healthy diet rather a strict diet will definitely weigh into belly fat reduction!

To maintain weight loss and low belly fat deposition, you should focus on foods that make you feel full for longer. How to do that? Simple, by including this 5 belly fat reducing and maintaining foods in your diet.

Be diligent and eat them regularly to aid in reducing the waistline. The question has been answered with these magic foods listed below they belong to the “how to lose belly fat naturally” category! Try them to lose your kilos of guilt!

1. Omega 3 to the Rescue!! FISH it is!!!

Omega 3 rich food reduces belly fat
The best way to lose belly fat is to include fish in the diet

Can I lose belly fat with the consumption of fish? Well, many omega-3 carriers are rich in protein. And study after study confirms that protein makes you feel full sooner.

You even burn more calories when you eat fats or carbs. This property of protein is called the thermic effect of food. So how to reduce belly fat? Do so by employing protein in your diet.

“ Did you know, sleep patterns and omega-3 intake is connected? Sleep is in turn connected to belly fat gain too’

Sleep is also connected to weight gain, especially around the midriff. When your diet is deficient in omega-3s, the natural rhythms of your pineal gland—the pea-sized gland in the center of your brain—are thrown off, leading to alterations in the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

And when you are wide awake like an owl in the night, you may end up snacking on wrong foods too. The result: increased belly fat. Have more of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet to prevent belly fat.[6]

How to get your dose: If you aren’t eating plenty of omega-rich foods—think of sardines, salmon, halibut, walnuts, flax seeds.

If you aren’t getting enough easily, you can take fish- or flaxseed oil supplements too. Not only will you lose belly fat, but a diet rich in omega-3s can boost heart health, lower your risk of dementia, and improve your moods.[7] 

2. Low waistline with… LOW-FAT MILK, LOW-FAT YOGURT, SWISS CHEESE!!!!

Minty Buttermilk! to Lose Belly Fat
If there is a belly fat diet then low-fat dairy is a must

How to lose belly fat fast?? A review of more than 90 studies in the journal Nutrition Reviews revealed a strong link between high calcium intake and improved body composition.

When your calcium levels are low, your body secretes hormones that let you judiciously use the calcium you have.

The problem is, at the same time, your body signals fat cells to hold onto fat, including belly fat.

Dairy, including low-fat milk, cheese (especially Swiss), and yogurt are the preferred sources of calcium [8].

So how to burn belly fat with low-fat dairy foods? Eat three servings of low-fat dairy a day, and keep the rest of your diet in check, and you will steadily lose weight.

3. Reduce belly fat naturally with OATS & BARLEY !!!

Reduce belly fat naturally with OATS & BARLEY
how to get rid of belly fat; by including high-fibre oats and barley

High fibre oats and barley can be the answer to the elusive question how to get rid of belly fat. Enjoy a delicious barley side dish instead of white rice with dinner and you could be on your way to shedding dangerous belly fat really soon.

According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people on a reduced-calorie diet were told to either avoid whole-grain foods or to get all their grain servings from whole grains (such as whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, barley, and brown rice).

Although both groups lost equal amounts of weight, the whole-grain group lost more belly fat. There are a number of researches on how to reduce belly fat by including whole grains in your diet. [9]

“Good rule of thumb: Get at least three servings of whole-grain foods a day.”

A serving is a slice of bread, an ounce of cold cereal, or a half-cup of cooked cereal, rice, pasta, or other grain.

Oatmeal and barley are particularly good choices because they’re rich in soluble fiber and don’t typically raise blood sugar as much as white or brown rice. GO ahead, do the belly fat substitution.[10]

4. GREEN TEA ( Reduce belly fat fast with this!!! )

Green Tea to Reduce Belly Fat
Green tea helps to reduce belly fat fast

You’ll not only be fighting cancer and heart disease by sipping green tea, but you’ll shrink your belly fat like magic.

However, you need to supplement it with a walk or some light exercise finds studies[11].

In a study published in Journal of Nutrition, participants were asked to drink either a beverage containing catechins—powerful antioxidant compounds in green tea—or a beverage with no catechins. [12] They also did about 180 minutes of moderately intense exercise, mainly walking, each week.

After 12 weeks, green tea drinkers had lost 7.4% more belly fat than non-green-tea drinkers.[13] Catechins increase metabolism and the rate at which the liver burns fat. Wondering how to reduce belly fat by drinking green tea?

Drink four to six cups of caffeinated green tea a day and jog at least 180 minutes of exercise each week[14]. We especially like these 13 walk exercises that are simple yet challenging enough

5. Go NUTS!!!

how to lose belly fat fast? Go nuts

Looking for how to lose belly fat fast? Go nuts on NUTS !! As if you needed another excuse to eat nuts, these fatty legumes are a great source of mood-boosting magnesium.

Without enough magnesium in your body, the part of the brain that regulates melatonin is thrown off, disrupting your sleep.

An uptick in magnesium is what tells animals it’s time to hibernate—for us, not having enough of it may play a role in seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the winter-related depression—and increased carb-craving.

A 2010 study by USDA researchers, published in Magnesium Research journal, found that magnesium supplementation can help people who have a hard time sleeping to doze peacefully through the night.

One group of the 100 tossers and turners over age 51 were given 320 milligrams of magnesium a day, while the other group was given a look-alike placebo.

After 7 weeks, those taking the real thing were found to be sound sleepers and, as a result, reported lower levels of dangerous inflammation. Sound sleep also ensures you do not pile on belly fat [15].

How to lose stomach fat?? Is there a specific belly fat diet would you ask?

Well, not really!

Although many types of belly fat diets floating around on the internet which claims to help in weight loss, reduce belly fat, waist circumference, and increase lean muscle, studies have found that a low-carbohydrate diet is more effective than a low-fat diet.

However, people reduced stomach fat and improved body composition on both types of diets (namely low-carb and low-fat diets).

Other studies have found that simply restricting calories and increasing activity leads to weight loss and improved body composition (read less of belly fat).

Of course, losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off your midsection is another. Here is a week’s diet to reduce belly fat for you to follow to reduce belly fat fast.

You can switch to other fewer calorie foods to make your own reduce belly fat diet!!!

1 Week Diet Chart to Reduce Belly Fat

Indian Diet Chart to Reduce Belly Fat
Indian Diet Chart to Reduce Belly Fat

*Try to drink close to 12 glasses of water to remove all the toxins from the body*

So there you go, research-backed evidence on foods to consume to reduce belly fat with a Nutrition recommended diet plan.



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