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What is BMI (Body Mass Index) or BMI Check?

Body mass index or BMI is an evaluation of your fat using height and weight indices. Basically, it is an easy way to determine the fat, muscle and bone mass in relation to the height and weight of an individual. That is the science of it, but it also helps you in understanding which category of weight do you fall in. If you are classified under the overweight or obese category, then you might want to take some action on it. Use this free online BMI healthy weight calculator to understand your weight management needs.
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How BMI Calculator works?

Truweight believes in making the earth lighter and healthier. Keeping in tune with this, Truweight offers the online BMI calculator to help you identify your weight loss goals. According to the BMI formula, you will get to know which category of you fall in. Being an honest science-based weight loss company, we suggest you a research-based solution to your weight issues.

How Truweight Helps you?

Truweight is quite different from other weight loss companies; we don't dole out false promises. We help you make a transition from unhealthy or ill-timed eating to healthy eating. We bring forgotten foods back in your diet in the form of tasty superfoods. The natural result: Weight loss! So check your BMI, assess your health, and do not worry even if your BMI is on the higher side. Opt for the free home consultation or free centre consultation and kickstart your weight loss journey with Truweight.
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