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Honest Expectation Letter

  1. Our clients have seen a weightloss of 2-3Kgs, in their 1st month itself, with our food plan. But results may vary, depending on your body type, health issues and your commitment. There will be some people who may lose more and there will be some people who may lose less weight.
  2. Weight loss is dependent on your commitment more than anything else. Hence, it is impossible for us to take a guarantee for your weight loss. It is just like a school. Teachers can only teach, but the final results depend on how much the student studies and applies their brain. No teacher can take guarantee for results, but without a teacher, it is very difficult to get good results.
  3. For a few weeks, you might not lose weight initially. But if you stick to the program, weightloss will definitely happen. Perseverance is more important than anything else.
  4. Our SuperFood Kit helps drastically in weight loss. But if you continue eating junk food every-day or do not get enough sleep or take too much stress, weight loss will be difficult. There are 7 root causes for weight loss. You need to co-operate with us for attacking all these fronts.
  5. Medical tests become very important for the people whose BMI is higher than 30. It helps in identifying the root cause of the problem. If your BMI is higher than 30, then it is compulsory to get a medical test done.
  6. Some form of activity or exercise is important for any weight loss programme.
  7. You did not gain weight overnight, so please do not try to lose weight overnight. If you are committed to the program, you will see a good change in yourself in 6 months time.
  8. Some of you might lose inches and not lose kgs, initially. Do not worry. It’s in fact a good sign. Inch loss means you are losing fat and gaining muscle mass.
  9. If you are suffering from diabetes, thyroid, PCOD or other metabolic diseases, weight loss can be slow. It takes time to balance hormones. But over a period of time, you will not just lose weight, but also gain health. And that will be a bigger achievement than just losing weight.
  10. If you are above 50 years of age, your weight loss would be gradual.
  11. If you are very close to your ideal weight (7 kgs or less) then, weight loss will be slower.
  12. If you are not willing to make any change in your lifestyle and your dietary habits, then this programme is not for you. We aim at weight loss in the most healthy way and we do not offer any surgery. And any weight loss endeavour requires some commitment. It’s very important to maintain Health Score of 80+ to see good weight loss from the program.
  13. The program is not meant for pregnant ladies, people above 68 years of age, or people with extreme health problems like :
    • Liver failure/ transplant
    • Cirrhosis
    • Recurrent jaundice
    • Chronic fatty liver
    • Kidney failure/transplant
    • Cancer
    • IBS
    • Gastric ulcers
    • Type I Diabetes
    • Diabetes with uncontrolled sugars
    • Lung infections (pneumonia,bronchitis, long term infections)
    • Epilepsy
    • Parkinson’s
    • Post hepatitis
    • Leucoderma
    • Skin allergies which might get worse with certain foods
    • People on antipsychotic or immunosuppressant drugs on regular basis.
  14. To lose weight, it is very important to track weight. Hence, having a weighing machine is an integral part of the program. Our clients prefer digital machines starting from 500 Rs and higher.

Disclosure & Agreement:

  1. The information provided by Truweight should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation or treatment. It is advised to seek the advice of a physician while following any weight loss effort or regimen. Truweight is only making changes to diet and cannot be held responsible for member’s health. As you will be adding few new food products to your diet, you may want to check if you have any food sensitivities.
  2. You can request for a refund within 30 days of joining Truweight. Refer your invoice for complete refund details.
  3. It is compulsory to pay the full amount of a package before a member would be given the full month kit.

Mobile App Policy

  1. It is a compulsory part of the Truweight program to use the mobile app on a daily basis. You are expected to log the food that you eat and also give feedback on the food items. These will help us in designing a better diet for you.
  2. If you do not log your food items, your coach will not be able to give you further diet charts. If it is not possible for 7 days in a week, at least 3-4 days in a week is compulsory.
  3. It’s very important to maintain Health Score of 80+ to see good health benefits from the program.