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Truweight’s Weight Loss Program and its Effects on Weight Reduction

Obesity and increased BMI is the reason behind several lifestyle-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, PCOS etc. Obesity is rapidly rising in India which is a cause of serious concern.

On a mission to “Make Earth Lighter & Healthier”, Truweight helps obese and overweight clients to lose weight using nutritional counselling, well-curated diet plans, well researched and analysed superfoods kit and mobile application. 

Truweight conducted a study on how its popular 10-days detox and one-month weight loss program help with weight loss. Around 120 clients participated in this single-arm trial study. The clients had already enrolled in the Truweight weight loss program.

The objective of the study was to determine the effects of Truweight’s 10-days detox and 30-days weight loss program on overweight and obese individuals.



Among the 120 clients participated in the study, 86 and 34 were female and male clients respectively. The clients were asked to check their weight early morning on an empty stomach and wearing lighter clothes. They were also asked to update their weight in the Truweight mobile application once every three days.

The study was divided between 10-days detox program and 30-days weight loss program.

Detox plan

The ‘Detox Diet’ is a short-term diet that is aimed at removing toxins from the body. This is the first step to healthy weight loss as this diet reduces invisible inflammation and brings a healthy balance to the gut bacteria.

During this 10-days program, the clients were asked to eat frequent meals in small quantities, six meals totally. They were also advised to drink adequate water and eat sufficient fibre which was between 25g to 35g a day. On the last four days, the clients were asked to refrain from eating gluten and lactose based foods.

30-days weight loss program

This 30-days weight loss program has two different diet phases (15 days each). During the first phase, the clients were given Truweight superfoods like Seeds Cocktail, Diet Atta, and Multi-grain Upma etc. Apart from this, premium products like TruJuice and TruFibre were also given that have metabolism-boosting ingredients.

Result and conclusion

During the 10-days detox program, female and male clients lost 2 kgs and 2.5 kgs respectively. Likewise, during the 30-days weight loss program, the female client lost 3.4 kgs and the male clients 4.8 kgs. The result also suggests that 89.9% of the male clients and 56% of the female clients lost more than 3.1kgs.

The study concluded that a well-balanced diet plan that includes all the food groups and constant monitoring, as well as motivation, plays an important role in weight reduction.