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Weight Loss Program In Hyderabad | Truweight

Truweight although a weight loss company, is much more than just shedding the pounds. And that itself makes it different from the common weight loss companies.

The base of Truweight stands on its team of more than 70 in-house Nutritionists that includes Food Scientists and PHDs who have worked on the science behind weight loss.

In a news report, it was mentioned that Hyderabad tops among the metro cities of India, in the number of obesity cases. And that itself is a rising concern for the Hyderabad-ians besides the city ranking on the 6th position for the prevalence of Diabetes.

That is why Truweight is on a roll with the goal of fighting out obesity and its root causes along with targeting diseases like Diabetes, from Hyderabad as well as India. Truweight is now largely present in many portions of the city, covering it from all the sides.

The company was in fact, established in the year of 2015 in Hyderabad and now is standing strong in all the 6 major cities of India while having an online presence throughout the country.

So what does Truweight offer?

Truweight works on the principle ‘Food is the solution for all health concerns’ and therefore, it comes with Diet plans and food products to fight weight gain.

Truweight program provides a personal dietician, around 22 food products per month, made from superfoods selected from different parts of the world, and a scientific app that provides constant tracking and monitoring.

One nutritionist is assigned to each of the customers to guide and motivate them in every step of their weight loss journey.

We have a customer base of more than 30,000 and most of our clients have shown remarkable weight loss along with better health, post-Truweight’s program.

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Science Behind Truweight’s Weight Loss Program

Starving and tailored diet plans, although very popular, don’t really help in maintaining a sustainable weight loss.

Research says that eating the right diet in the right proportion and on right time are two major factors in weight loss.

These factors are amalgamated into Truweight’s weight loss programs. Moreover, the program is supported with an app that constantly tracks the weight loss graph of the clients.

Truweight’s Hyderabad Centres

  • Truweight Weight Loss Centre / Center Hyderabad– Himayatnagar
  • Truweight Weight Loss Centre / Center Hyderabad – West Marredpally
  • Truweight Weight Loss Centre/ Center Hyderabad – Madhapur
  • Truweight Weight Loss Centre / Center Hyderabad – Banjara Hills
Weight Maintenance

Under this, there come Weight Loss Programs of 3 plans

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Month
  • 6 Month
Truweight’s Maintenance Package comes with the following:

1. Personal Dietician (one counseling per month)

2. 10 Superfoods – 2 Premium and 8 non-premium. Here, clients are given the freedom to choose the products every month, in consultation with their dietitian.

Special Weight Loss Plan

It is a special weight loss starter kit that comes for 10 days. The plan comes with the following agendas

– Lose up to 2Kgs in 10 Kgs

– Detoxify your body with the Detox Diet Plan backed by Nutritionists

– Superfoods kit

– Nutritionist Counselling

Annual Membership

This one is for the client who gets Truweight’s membership and all the added advantages.

The member also gets access to the Truweight App that monitors daily food intake.

Truweight Weight Loss Programs, Hyderabad Reviews:

Anubha, a 28-year-old who lost 10 kgs weight

Reshmi Lost 7 Kgs of Weight

Other branches of Truweight Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss App:

For the convenience of accessibility, Truweight has centres across the major cities of India. Moreover, they are available on the phone and their 24/7 weight loss app makes it ideal for any client to approach their Nutritionist from any location.

Gone are the days of Food Diaries, in these times of smartphones, you have to be smarter with your weight loss plans.

Gone are the days of Food Diaries, in these times of smartphones, you have to be smarter with your weight loss plans.

So that even if you are not in Hyderabad, you can keep a track of your meals through this app and can also have live chats with your expert Nutritionists any time. We bet, losing weight can’t get easier than this!

Weight loss is one of the greatest obstacles in the way of healthy living. From Type 2 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, High Blood Pressures to Heart diseases, there are numerous health risks that are associated with obesity or overweight.

So don’t be late and don’t be one of those 4 in 10 people who are overweight. Let Truweight be your guide to weight loss!

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