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The Inspiring Weight Loss Story Of Urfan Ahmed Saigal

Laziness induced by excess weight was a part of 43-year-old Urfan Ahmed Saigal, a Hyderabad based business man’s life.

Being tired of leading a poor lifestyle, Urfan turned to Truweight for help. With the right guidance and information on food & nutrition, he successfully lost 11.7kgs in just 4 months!

Changing the game with Truweight

Urfan could not stop showering praises on Truweight for its unique modus operandi. Talking about his experience, he said,

Urfan Ahmed Saigal before after weight loss

“My weight loss journey with Truweight was very different. The company is all about eating healthy and nutritious food. Nutritionists and dieticians in Truweight created perfect diets according to my weight and needs. One of the best things about Truweight is, a personal dietitian was assigned to me and she helped me throughout my weight loss journey. Truweight has delivered what it promised – make active and healthy. It was undeniably a great journey for me”.

Love for superfoods

Truweight and superfoods – well, one cannot talk about the former without talking about the latter. Like many others, Urfan too got the best out of Truweight superfoods.

“Truweight superfoods are the best. They are very healthy, tasty and also nutritious. They did their job – help me lose weight. They are great and I totally love them”, he said.

Life after Truweight

Truweight’s effect on Urfan was quite profound. A joyous and fit Urfan said, “I feel heart and healthy now. Truweight’s program has boosted both my confidence and fitness levels. I have discovered a new person inside me post the program”.

Urfan’s three golden tips for weight loss

  • Avoid spicy and junk foods.
  • Maintain proper meal timing.
  • Exercise regularly.
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