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Srividya lost 11 Kgs and Gained a Faster Pace of Life!

Weight Loss Journey

The biggest issue with Srividya was that she couldn’t at all stop craving for foods, which made impossible for her to be on any weight loss program that restricted eating.

Why did she choose Truweight?

With a working background for night shifts for long 15 years, Srividya adapted an unhealthy diet which made her gain weight. However, she found herself not able to stop eating.

When she saw that Truweight doesn’t ask to starve or limit eating to lose weight, she knew she had to join the program.

How successful was Srividya with Truweight’s program?

Srividya lost 11 Kgs with Truweight and found a new healthy variation in eating with the introduction of Superfoods.

How did Truweight help?

Truweight motivated her to lose more weight. The superfoods were fulfilling that prevented Srividya from snacking unhealthy foods.

She learned the importance of forgotten foods like bajra, ragi. The diet plans gave her a new way of healthy eating that she shall follow all her life.

Take away points from Srividya on Truweight

  • Truweight made me learn the value of foods.
  • The program changed my pace of life. I am more active and work faster than before.
  • The taste, as well as packaging of superfoods by Truweight, made it very easier to carry the snacks so that you are never hungry even during your hectic work schedules.

“The superfoods are amazing and I would definitely recommend Truweight to my colleagues.

Like the name, Truweight brings true and honest weight loss naturally and without any chemical.”,  says Anubha.

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**Disclaimer:The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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