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Siddharth’s journey of losing 11 Kgs with Truweight

Siddharth is a Sr. Executive who had undergone a slip disc surgery for which his Doctor advised him to lose weight in order to maintain his health.

Why did he choose Truweight?

Siddharth was surprised to see that before joining Truweight’s program, the dietician that was assigned to him took a complete health analysis of his body.

He was also asked about his general eating habits and lifestyle so that the diet plan that he would be given shouldn’t be something very hard for him to follow. This made Siddharth go for Truweight.

How successful was Siddharth with Truweight’s program?

He lost 11 Kgs with Truweight. And along with this tremendous weight loss, Siddharth found a newly discovered energy in him that changed his life around.

How did Truweight help?

Truweight’s superfoods particularly Teatox, Gluten-free atta etc.helped Siddharth to maintain his nutrient requirements while losing weight.

Take away points from Manoj on Truweight,

The superfoods really help and the detox phase although can be a little tricky but help your body a lot.


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Tips from Siddharth

  • Follow your Dietician’s instructions properly.
  • Believe in Superfoods. Their magic actually works.

On a happy note Siddharth remarked, “After losing the weight and going through the entire process of Truweight, I have discovered myself.”

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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