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The Power of Foods in Weight Loss and Diabetes ft Padmaja & Dr Mridula

This is the story of Padmaja and her cousin Dr Mridula, about discovering the power of food and right diet. Padmaja even fought Diabetes with Superfoods.

Dr Mridula’s take on Type 2 Diabetes- Studies have shown that Type 2 Diabetes even if considered irreversible, can be corrected to a great extent with the help of right diet and lifestyle modifications.

Dr Mridula remarks that because Diabetic patients want quick results, the Doctors tend to offer medicines. However, with a little patience and working on the diet, Type 2 Diabetes can be overcome.

“In Type 2 Diabetes, Diet and Exercise are much more important than medication,” exclaimed Dr Mridula.

Padmaja was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes along with Thyroid and Blood Pressure issues.

How Padjama came to know about Truweight?

It was Padmaja’s cousin, Dr Mridula, who advised Padmaja to join the Trusugar program of Truweight, a mission to fight diabetes naturally with foods.

Padmaja’s life before Truweight

“After being diagnosed with the Diabetes, I started taking medicines which increased to 3 tablets per day,” said Padmaja. She also informed that she tried to lose weight in order to help her Diabetes condition.

She followed different diet styles including the GM diet. However, nothing seemed to be working and she started depending on her medicines more and more.

Dr Mridula’s life after Truweight

Before Truweight, Dr Mridula’s cholesterol, as well as vitamin levels, weren’t good.

But after following our diet and taking up Truweight’s food products like, she could see visible improvement in her cholesterol and vitamin levels. Dr Mridula lost 10 Kgs with Truweight and improved her cholesterol.

Padmaja lost 7.5 Kgs and her dependence on Diabetes medication reduced from 3 tablets to 1, after joining Truweight!

Padmaja and Dr Mridula’s take on Truweight

Both of them advised that an ideal way to a weight loss program to work is when the entire family follows the same diet.

This brings better results. Also, a family together can stay motivated more easily than an individual following the program alone.

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“Truweight taught us that diet isn’t about eating less but about eating the right way,” said Dr Mridula

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**Disclaimer:The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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