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Mr & Mrs Kinni lost 43 kgs and Managed Their Cholesterol

Madhavi Kini is a home-maker, who had earlier worked with corporates. Food was her best friend, that gave her company whenever she was tensed or upset. As a result, she gained weight.

And moreover, she suffered from Thyroid, high BP, cholesterol, knee pain and back pain. So, losing weight was not important from just looks perspective, but more from her health perspective.

She had tried multiple weight loss programs but everything would give her temporary results.

This time she was committed to try something which will be more lasting and healthy. She decided to try Truweight, as it is based on healthy eating and not on some weight loss gimmicks.

Within 4 weeks, her knee and back pain subsided and she lost 6 kg. She was overjoyed and so was her husband. Her husband Vijay Kini got so inspired that he also decided to join Truweight. He too suffered from Thyroid, high cholesterol and even sleep apnea.

He thought that it would be more difficult for him to lose weight as he is a big time foodie. And he was also pleasantly surprised when he lost 13 kg in a couple of months.

What he loves the most about their program is once a week he gets to eat anything he wants, without feeling guilty about it! So far, the couple has lost 43 kgs** between them and are still on the program.

They finally control their life and feel so much healthier. They say “We love the program because it’s not about denying yourself food.

It’s about making healthy choices in the foods that you eat. Super Foods provided by Truweight makes weight loss so much easier and dieticians are like the best mentors you can ask for.”

Top 3 Tips

  • 1. Believe in yourself and your Truweight Expert Dietician
  • 2. Stick to it with 100% dedication, Eat all your Superfoods
  • 3. Cheat once a week

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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