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Indira lost 16 Kgs and fought Thyroid, BP as well as Knee Pain!

Indira is a 58 year old woman who was suffering from the most common issues that often tag along with weight gain- Thyroid, BP as well as Knee Pain.

She wanted not just a lighter body but a healthier one too!

Why did she choose Truweight?

The fact that she could explain everything about her health condition thoroughly to her Dietician at Truweight was one strong reason for her to choose Truweight.

How successful was Indira with Truweight’s program?

Indira lost a whopping 16 Kgs in just 3 months. And that’s not all, the superfoods like super fiber juice, amla juice helped her eat a diet that was high in nutrients.

This didn’t only help Indira in her weight loss but she also noticed an improvement in her Thyroid, BP as well as knee issues.

How did Truweight help?

Truweight made the weight loss journey easy for Indira.

The Dietician’s constant interaction as well change of diet plans in every two weeks gave her a smooth weight loss.

Take away points from Indira on Truweight

Truweight made Indira lose weight despite all of her health issues. She found the superfoods immensely helpful for her health.

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“After losing weight with Truweight, I am feeling light and even able to walk better without my knee pain,” says Indira.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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