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Jinendra Lost 12 Kgs in just 6 months!

Jinendra, 38 year old man, was 93 Kilos when he joined Truweight.

Before joining us, Jinendra had already tried different weight loss programs for about 2-3 years that went in vain. He was unable to find a solution to a sustainable weight loss.

Why did he choose Truweight?

Jinendra liked that Truweight wasn’t about some machines or pills. He knew those cannot really bring any sustainable weight loss.

Hence he chose Truweight because of its natural processing of weight loss.

How successful was Jinendra with Truweight’s program?

With the magic of Truweight’s superfoods and his own determination, Jinendra lost a whopping 12 Kgs in just 6 months.

Take away points from Jinendra on Truweight

Truweight’s superfoods work wonders when it comes to reducing weight.

Superfoods are natural and they keep your stomach filled that prevents you from being hungry.

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“I had tried 2-3 weight loss companies but all of them gave false promises. Truweight is indeed an honest weight loss company.”, remarked Jinendra.

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**Disclaimer:The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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