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Kunal lost 16 Kgs in the most healthy way!

Kunal Parmar is a 35 year old Software Engineer who very much needed a weight check.

He was facing certain health issues because of his weight for which Kunal’s main concern was to lose weight but in a healthy and sustainable way.

Difference between Truweight been and other weight loss companies

“I had approached a couple of other companies before Truweight, just for consultation, but compared to the other companies, Truweight is very different.

Unlike the common clinical surgeries or treatments that other companies go for, Truweight concentrates on the diet,” said Kunal.

The best thing he liked about Truweight

According to Kunal, there are a few things that he liked the most about Truweight. They are:

  • a) Truweight encourages weight loss through healthy eating.
  • b) Customized diet plans are very good and their superfoods are tasty as well as very healthy.  
  • c) The app developed by Truweight is very good for updating and logging meals.
  • d) The dietitians are very supportive and suggest good diet plans for weight loss.

Life after losing weight with Truweight

“It really feels great after losing 16 kgs. My confidence, health, and fitness levels have improved a lot. I also got a lot of compliments from my colleagues and family people.

Many were inspired to take up healthy eating after seeing my transition.  I feel happy to see myself in the mirror.” said Kunal.

Take on Truweight’s Superfoods

According to Kunal, The superfoods given by Truweight are really healthy and yummy.

Amla drink, granola bar(almond and coconut), nuts muesli are really tasty. Fat burning juice and TruGreen work wonder on the body.

Kunal’s Tips for weight loss

  •    1: Have confidence.
  •    2: Stay positive
  •    3: Work hard throughout the weight loss journey

Kunal’s take on Truweight and his weight loss journey

“My journey with Truweight has been awesome and this change is going to be my part of life and I won’t forget the experience which has been given by Truweight.

Last but not the least, thanks a lot to all the dietitians and representatives of the entire Truweight team for designing such an awesome program and creating awareness about the importance of diet for every individual and these add to the true success of Truweight,” said Kunal.

If Kunal can do, You can Too!

“I want to thank my Dietician Subhashini, who is a very patient and well-experienced trainer, she has good knowledge and helped me to clear all my doubts about diet,” he added.

“When the weighing scale moves and shows low numbers, feels really happy, moreover now my wardrobe changed completely now with new trousers,” said Kunal after losing 16 Kgs!

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