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K.Mallikarjun lost 18 Kgs in just 3 months!

Mallikarjun is 39 years old businessman. His main concern was his weight gain that was leading to obesity.

Health concerns before approaching Truweight

The constant increase in weight was the red flag for K.Mallikarjun. He knew he had to take control of his weight that was approaching the obese mark.

Journey with Truweight

“I have never tried with any companies to cut down my weight. But, was following GM Diet(General Motors Diet) which is used in abroad a lot.

It is a one week diet, though we can reduce 4 to 5 Kgs. I had followed a couple of years ago and reduced my weight at that time. But, we put on again as per our normal diet.” said K.Mallikarjun.

After this, he decided to join Truweight after seeing better results in his uncle and cousin.

“We normally think that, diet means starving our stomach and which is not good. But, Truweight will tell us to eat healthy and more food, with that we can reduce our excess weight.

Truweight taught me the importance of Pulses, Salads and other Protein food.” he added.

The best thing you liked about Truweight

K.Mallikarjun in his words said that Truweight dieticians give the best diet plans as per the health, daily routine and food habits of each customer. Apart from dieticians, the Centre Co-Ordinators are very friendly and helpful all the times.

The difference after losing weight with Truweight

“I had kept my target to reach my weight as 65Kgs from 82Kgs before joining Truweight. I took their 3 months Package and came down to 67.3Kgs at the end of my duration.

But, now I have reached my weight in between 64 and 65 which was below my target weight.” said K.Mallikarjun after losing 18 Kgs in just 3 months.


If Mallik can do you can too!

Take on Truweight’s  Superfoods

Superfood is very helpful in weight management.

Tips for weight loss by K.Mallikarjun

  •    1: Eat healthy food and some protein food through Truweight.
  •    2: Don’t go for false and short ways to reduce your weight.
  •    3: Walk at least 45 Minutes

“Truweight will help you to change your diet habits without killing your hunger. Now, I feel more energetic and fit after losing my weight. Simply, Truweight is truly amazing!” remarked K.Mallikarjun.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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