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Homemaker Indumathi’s journey of weight loss with Truweight!

Indumathi is a 33-year-old Homemaker who was facing weight gain issues along with a thyroid disorder and back and knee pains which are quite common in people these days.

She comes from a middle-class family where reducing weight is not a priority. But she was suffering from back pain and knee pain too along with feeling very lethargic.

With Truweight, Indumathi was able to not just shed pounds of 11 Kilos but also learned a new and healthy way of eating which helped her maintain the thyroid issue.

How was life before Truweight?

I had no proper timings to eat food and was developing Hypothyroidism. I started gaining weight after my 1st pregnancy and it constantly kept increasing, month on month.

It was when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism that I got alert and came down to take suggestions for my health improvement. Indumathi came to know about us through paper adds.

How was the Truweight journey?

With the first counselling and after understanding Truweight’s concept I decided to take it up for 3 Months. While following the initial phases I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.

My initial reading was 6.6. With the help of supplements and proper food intake, it became normal in a span of just 2 months. Slowly I started losing weight and feeling active. My time management was better than before.  

Truweight’s constant educational program helped me to understand the importance of nutrition and my health status.  I also joined a fitness program which was of great help to boost my metabolic rate and to show good inch loss.

In a span of 3 Months I had lost almost 8 kgs. My thyroid levels had changed from 6.7 to 0.31 IU/ml. Moreover, my knee and back pains had almost disappeared as if I never had them before.

Indumathi also renewed her package with us. And this time she wanted to learn the maintenance of her weight. In that process, she reduced another 3 kgs.

Take on Superfoods

I loved Truweight’s snacks and tea tox as they are natural and have no side effects.

Life After Truweight

I am now off with my knee and back pains and  I feel more active. I also started up with my own tuition setup at home for young children. I am now self-motivated to follow the diet plans.

Weight Loss Tips

  • If you want to lose weight take help of a mentor to guide you properly
  • Drink plenty of fluids and eat at regular intervals
  • Do regular physical activities to feel young.

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“Truweight is like a God gift to me which changed the meaning of my life. I am very happy to get associated with this program and now I am one of Truweight’s health ambassadors and I encourages everyone to try Truweight,” exclaimed Indumathi.

**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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