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Film Director Prabhaker Lost 12 Kgs in Just 14 Weeks and Feels Younger Again


First impressions are the best impressions, they say. When you work in a fast paced culture like the film industry, your first impression needs to pack a punch. This is where Mr. Prabhaker Jaini realized he needed help.

As a film director, he knew that his appearance played a disproportionately large role in his life and it was it worked to his advantage.

He knew he was a vital part of society and was a role model for a lot of youngsters. He decided that the time had come to get professional weight loss help and turned to Truweight.

What did Mr.Prabhaker gain

Truweight helped Mr. Prabhaker lose 12 kgs in 14 weeks. That is an astonishing result for someone who is 58! Mr. Prabhaker’s results have inspired so many others in their late 40’s and 50’s to believe they can lose weight too.

With several inches lost around his waist, Mr. Prabhaker feels younger again. He is so happy with his results that he has increased his package by another few months aiming at more weight loss.

His friends and family are in awe of his determination to lose weight and Truweight is happy to have facilitated his weight loss.

How did Truweight help Mr.Prabhaker? **

Previously, none of Mr. Prabhaker’s forays into weight loss had worked effectively. He wasn’t one to give up easily but he wondered whether he was doing the right thing. When he joined Truweight, the first thing he gained was knowledge.

He discovered the foods that would power his weight loss and the foods which would add inches around his belly. After analyzing his lifestyle and needs, his nutritional mentor created customized meal plans for him every week.

This progressive process ensured his body received all the nutrition it required while facilitating weight loss. His Superfood plan was put into high gear and supplemented his fat burning.

What Mr Prabhaker has to say about Truweight:

I am planning to enroll my wife in Truweight as I feel she also requires it. I am also recommending my friends to approach Truweight as this is the best place where our overall health will be taken care of without any side effects.

I felt that here is the utmost care taken of our health by every member of the Truweight.

Mr Prabhaker’s 3 tips for weight loss:

  • Eat your super foods
  • Stay disciplined with your plan
  • Communicate effectively with your nutrition mentor

**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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