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Dr Yajuvenndra’s 10 Kgs Weight Loss and Improved Confidence after Losing Weight!

Dr. Yajuvenndra's Weight loss Story
Dr Yajuvenndra’s 10 Kgs Weight Loss

Health Problems before joining:

I always had a sense of bloating and heaviness all the time.

Now that might not be a huge issue for a lot of people but if you constantly have an added baggage, the frustration shows up with time.

How has Truweight been different?  

I have never tried dieting before, but I joined Truweight because it actually believes in eating healthy rather than eating less calories and dieting.

I have never gone hungry after I joined Truweight. In fact, I eat more food but it’s all healthy, so it’s guilt free eating for me.

Best thing about Truweight:

I guess the best part was my mentor, Ms. Sajida. She probably gave me the best diet plans which I followed very well and of course, the results were unbelievable!! She helped me out throughout my journey to lose weight.**

How do you feel after losing weight?

It is amazing!! It’s a totally different and life changing experience.

 It’s not that you have to crash on unhealthy foods after you lose weight but it’s a journey which makes you love the healthy foods!  It gives such an immense boost to your self confidence and attitude!!

Your take on Superfoods:

Well, I didn’t have any problems adjusting with the super foods barring a few exceptions!!  

Now, if you wanna lose weight you do have to sacrifice ‘a little on the taste’,  but everything else was good. I actually loved the sweet corn soup!!

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Your 3 Tips for weight loss.

  • Eat at the right time and drink adequate amount of water.
  • Never starve yourself
  • Start your day early with exercises and go to bed early!  Really helps. Late nights ruin the whole process

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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