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Dr Sudhir learned the value of healthy foods with Truweight

Sudhir weight loss journey

Dr Sudhir had hypothyroidism which was detected after he joined Truweight. With the healthy diet and superfoods, Dr Sudhir didn’t just lose weight but also showed improvement in many of his problems like hair fall and OW stamina.

Difference between Truweight and other weight loss companies

Truweight is truly friendly and unlike other companies, Truweight concentrates on an individual basis and customized diets are given.

Most importantly, this program is not commercial but very economical in the sense that whatever we pay is utmost useful.

The best thing he liked about Truweight

“The best thing about Truweight is that they believe in eating more and losing weight more.

In the initial days of detox phase, I used to have hunger pangs, cravings, restlessness etc but as the time passed this has become routine for me.

Truweight teaches us how to eat healthily and the idea of health dollars we save, on the Truweight app, is donated to a child in the form of meals is so humane and excellent. It drives us to be committed and sincere.

Regarding the cheat meals, heard one actor, Shekhar Suman who transformed himself to a muscle man from a soft hero, saying if you have cheat meals, you are going back 20 days, but it’s not true at all as after so many cheat meals also, I have not gained weight.

We got to adhere to the simple principle of detox after cheat meals, after all, we all live for enjoyment whether it may be through food or something else.

What food we like may not be healthy and having it occasionally doesn’t ruin it until it does not cross limits. I learnt to eat in a limited Way whenever I had cheat meals,” said Dr Sudhir.

Sudhir’s take on Superfoods

I like shake a day, granola bar, laddu, trufibre, wheat grass, poha, upma very much. They are delicious and also filling. Salads with chana Jora are quite tasty.

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Life after losing weight with Truweight

“I started my weight loss journey way back 4 years back when I went to a Surgeon for bariatric surgery but he advised me to change my lifestyle.

I took it very seriously, started dieting and exercise, followed apps like Calorie Counter and Noom reduced from 102 kgs to 83 kg.

But I couldn’t sustain it because of my family problems and hospital work, and I gained weight and also reduced thrice in these 3 years and finally settled at 95 kg in May 2017..

Thought this time I shouldn’t fail to get to 80 kg which was my dream, and done severe exercises but not diet for two months and reduced to 90.5. In August, I started with Truweight and learnt healthy eating along with my exercise routine. Initially,

I couldn’t do much exercise but within one month my momentum gained started doing rigorous exercises. Now as on today my weight is 82.8, and feel confident that can reach 80 kg.

Now after my waist at 36 inches from 42 and shirt size from 44 to 40 inches, I feel great. I am getting regular compliments from my friends, colleagues and family members.

I have inspired many of my friends and family members to start healthy eating and live healthily,” said Dr Sudhir.

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