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Dr Shyam Lost 20 Kgs and Improved his Insulin Levels

I lost 20 kgs and got my insulin and lipid profile under control!

I am Dr. Shyam, a practicing ENT surgeon. Ever since I was diagnosed with high insulin level and deranged lipid profile, I decided to unleash myself of all my health concerning problems. I decided to stay very focused and positive in my decision.

Being a doctor, I tried all I could, to control the insulin level. I started getting dark patches on my face. And I also realized that I was becoming lethargic about doing my daily chores.

Why I vouch for Truweight

Truweight is indeed an honest weight management company that makes weight loss easier.

The customized program in Truweight not only helped me lose 20 kgs** but also improved my health. I was surprised to witness the remarkable changes in my insulin level with Truweight’s weight loss formula and superfoods.

With proper mentoring and a little bit of willpower, I achieved an optimal weight and I feel more enthusiastic about life.

An inspiring experience!

I have lost 20 kilos and this has been purely fat loss and not muscle loss. I had black patches on my face which have not vanished without any medication.

These patches persisted in spite of 7 chemical peel treatments. My skin has become smooth and glowing and my friends and family say I have become fairer.

The magic was because of Superfoods.

I believe most of the magic happened because of the superfoods. Superfoods are totally natural and free of chemicals, tasty and acceptable by almost everybody.

 The nutrient-rich superfoods triggered weight loss while compensating all the nutritional deficiency in the body. This is an effective weight loss diet without pills and machines.

Your Tips for weight loss:

When you get all these benefits without medicines, what is there to think? Just join Truweight.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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