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17 Kgs down Dhananjay found a new confidence through Truweight

Dhananjay was overweight by about 20 kgs than he should have been. This made him look for a weight loss program that understands his different health concerns and then, help him lose weight.

Why did he choose Truweight?

With an overweight body, Dhananjay was worried about developing different health issues with time.

Therefore when he heard about Truweight and its natural ways, he wanted to try it out.

How successful was Dhananjay with Truweight’s program?

He lost 17 Kgs in a few months after joining Truweight. After the weight loss, Dhananjay started feeling more energetic and confident.

How did Truweight help?

Truweight’s superfoods particularly Teatox, Gluten-free atta, Trufiber, etc. helped Dhananjay to maintain his weight immensely.

Also, what he liked most about Truweight is discipline. Dhananjay talks about his dietician who regularly kept a track on his diet and weight loss progress.

Take away points from Manoj on Truweight

Superfoods are excellent foods that really help in weight loss.

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“To all the people who want to lose weight desperately, Truweight is the right place.” says a new confident Dhananjay.

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**Disclaimer:The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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