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Story of Srinivas’s Determination & Victory Against Diabetes

Here we have a truly inspirational story of Srinivasulu Rajneni who not only conquered his obesity but also diabetes along with polio (which he contracted as a child) through superfoods by Truweight.

Srinivas comes from a humble background where he could not afford even slippers for going to school. From there, he has reached a point in life where he donates Rs 25 Lakhs to charity every year. Let us see how:

Srinivas was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol when he was all of 25. He weighed 90 kg then. His life came to a standstill and he even started avoiding going out of his house.

Because of the multiple health problems, he preferred to stay home, which naturally got depressing for him and his family. Even his professional life took a blow!

Change of scene! Today, he is an established chartered accountant, a bodybuilder and role model for his village, leading an active and fulfilling life sans medication.

Let us see how he with his determination and belief in himself, changed the course of his life.

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