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Sheela Anand Lost 8.5 kgs with Healthy Approach

The weight loss is not necessary for appealing physique but more importantly for the prevention and curing of degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol that can be the consequences of overweight and obesity which is the threatening unhealthy situation prevailing across the globe.

Such was the case of the respected client- Sheela Anand, who was going through the very similar situation of imbalanced blood parameters along with elevated body weight and found solution when came on the platform of Truweight and lost 8.5 kgs with healthy approach and right and knowledgeable guidance. Here’s her story.

Q1) What health problems (if any) were you facing before you approached Truweight:

Ans: Before beginning with the programme, I had a perception of no health issues apart from my concern for high BMI but was been advised to have periodic blood check up and it was then, I realized that my vital blood parameters viz. TSH, Blood glucose parameters and vitamins level are disturbed and nowhere around normal range resulting in deficiency of Vitamin B12, borderline of thyroidism and high blood sugar level.

Lab reports initially – Vitamin B12- 144pg/ml, TSH- 4.28mIU/L, HbA1C- 6.9%, FBS- 132mg/dl and PPBS- 170mg/dl

Lab reports currently: Vitamin B12- 210.2pg/ml, TSH- 3.1mIU/L, HbA1C- 6.4%, FBS- 95mg/dl and PPBS- 111mg/dl

Q2) What was the best thing you liked about Truweight?


  • The first thing that really impressed me is the convenience to use the programme and easy functionality of the app. The programme provides flexibility be at home or even if traveling.
  • Secondly, about the experts here who are so friendly, motivating and providing continuous guidance throughout.
  • The menu been provided has great variety that avoid monotony and makes it exciting.
  • Also the motivation we get by getting scores as soon as you update the daily food logs.
Q3) How do you feel after losing all that weight? Has your health, confidence, fitness levels improved after you lost weight?

Ans: Along with losing weight, the most important thing I learnt is the sustainability of the weight and healthy lifestyle that I can follow for the lifetime.

Q4) What is your take on Super foods?

Ans: The Super food by Truweight are very well researched and scientifically sound that ensures that you are eating at regular frequency, not starving your body at all and still losing weight.

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