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Red Rice Poha

Red Rice Poha

Red Rice Poha is made from the red variety of rice called ‘Hsasundi’. which is grown traditionally in the Uttara Kannada region. The variety is over 100 years old.Unlike white rice poha from which most of the nutrients are washed away while processing, Red rice poha contains fibre & bran. This poha is a thicker variety and rich in taste. It is a delightful ingredient in many dishes.

Key ingredients

Beaten Red Rice Flakes / Atukulu

Nutritional Information

Nutrients g per 100
Energy (kcal) 335.3
Protein (g) 6
Fat (g) 1
Carb (g) 75.5
Fibre (g) 8.6

Health Benefits

1. High fibre content of the red poha makes you feel full for longer and helps maintain bowel health, lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar levels and helps in weight loss.

2. Red Rice poha is rich in iron helps the body to develop red blood cells prevents anaemia because iron carries the life giving oxygen to human blood cells.

3. Brans of red rice possess antioxidant properties and consumption may play an important role in prevention of oxidative stress associated with chronic diseases.

4. Red rice poha is low in Glycemic Index and will maintain blood sugar level and hence diabetic people can also consume it. It is thermogenic and helps in increasing metabolic rate as well.

5. Red rice counters the allergy-inducing effect of histamine and therefore it is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.