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Reasons Not to Count Calories | Try the Truweight Health Dollars

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Are you still following the concept of counting calories in order to lose weight? Well, you are probably on the wrong road. Why?

Because if calories were the only way to differentiate between healthy and non-healthy than a cup of cola would be more healthy than an apple.

This is because while a cup of cola has about 80 calories, an apple has almost about 112 calories. Does that make sense? Probably no. Therefore, we should go beyond a calorie chart in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

Moreover, if you are following a Calorie Model, you would be able to eat many harmful and unhealthy foods all because they don’t add up the calories.

However, if you want to follow a healthy weight loss plan, you should know the real reasons for weight gain and target them with the right food.

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