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Rakesh Kumar Verma conquered BP, cholesterol and borderline diabetes by losing 19.5 kgs!

Civil Engineer Rakesh Kumar Verma, aged 48, was fighting cholesterol, BP and was borderline diabetes before joining Truweight. With the help of Truweight, he was able to lose 19.5 kgs.

Rakesh’s experience with Truweight

“I have never tried weight loss companies earlier and Truweight was my first choice. Unfortunately, I fell for advertisements that promoted weight loss pills. I only ended up wasting money”, he said.

Rakesh Kumar Verma Before and After

The best thing Rakesh liked about Truweight

Talking about Truweight’s modus operandi, Rakesh said, “With Truweight mobile application and my appointed dietitian, Mrs Ankita Bajaj’s consistent follow-up, I have been able to be systematic with what I must eat daily. The best part is, the meals I eat have to be religiously logged in the app before retiring to bed every single day. This is basically to keep tabs on what and how I should eat daily”.

Rakesh’s weight loss journey and its impact on his health

Rakesh added that “After losing nearly 20 kgs of weight, I feel more energetic, my health improved, my physician has reduced the dosage of my BP tablet, no symptoms of diabetes, and there is an improvement in my cholesterol levels. Now I can brisk-walk for 5 km and exercise for one hour without feeling tired.

Rakesh’s take on Superfoods

Rakesh said, “Truweight’s Superfoods are really tasty. Some of my favourites are Millet Idly, Oats Porridge, True drinks, Seeds Cocktail, Seeds & Nuts Muesli, Truweight snacks, Trufibre etc.

Rakesh’s 3 tips for weight loss 

1.   Proper food intake in a systematic manner.

2.  Physical workout with walking.

3.  Follow up from Dietitian Ankita Bajaj’s constant guidance kept me motivated and helped me lose weight. 

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