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Quinoa Brown Rice Balls | Truweight


If you love munching snacks, it is tough to resist these Quinoa & Brown rice balls. This particular truweight snack contains 3 times more protein than normal cheese balls.

These Brown rice balls are one of the better companions for munching during movies or evening snacks. It is a best alternative for the oily snacks available in the market.


Quinoa, Brown Rice, White rice

Health Benefits

  • These non-fried Quinoa balls contain 58% quinoa and a high amount of protein.
  • These brown rice balls are the perfect replacement to traditional cheese balls made from refined corn.
  • The major health benefits of brown rice are that it is a whole grain. The fiber present in brown rice helps lower cholesterol.
  • Brown rice also benefits in moving waste through the digestive tract, promotes fullness, and helps prevent the formation of blood clots.


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