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Pritam Sarkar lost 19.5 kgs in 3 months and overcame obesity

My name is Pritam and today I am here to share about my journey with Truweight.

I have been overweight for the last 8-9 years (Duh! Whom am I fooling?). Well, I have been OBESE for almost a decade, largely because – I am a FOODIE. As Vishnu would say it – “I am a biiig….biiig….biiig….biiig…biiiiig biryani lover.” I can eat biryani at any time of the day (literally! Even at late night or early morning). Probably I am 70% biryani, unlike other humans who are 70% water.

I have to also give due credit to my super awesome lifestyle (at least I used to think so) and work-related perks (some people call it “Stress”) for my obesity.

Pritam Sarkar before and after weight loss
Pritam Sarkar before and after weight loss

And I too went through the vicious cycle which many of you went through – Join a gym which you miss at every small excuse, follow a random diet you come across in social media (10 kgs in 7 days type), lose some weight, gain those back (and some more) and then repeat again. I repeated this cycle again and again till I was introduced to Truweight by one family friend and everything changed thereafter.

My wife wanted to do Truweight and three of us in the family ended up doing it. Big Thank you to the Health Consultant Noor Mohammed for that extra push and wonderful explanation that I would be dying soon (excuse my exaggeration 😊) with all those visceral fat in my body. You were probably trying to meet your targets but you were absolutely right. And in the process, you redefined my life. Truly!

And here I am today, almost 18 kgs lighter in 3 months even after occasional indulgence and few cheating phases. Truweight is an amazing program which is much more than a simple diet plan. It has completely changed my approach to food and has influenced my life in many ways. Kudos to the Truweight team for creating such a wonderful program and putting together the great content.

I cannot thank Umme Haani Razak enough for coaching me and my family so brilliantly. Haani is a perfect health coach who keeps a close watch on everything I eat and provides her feedback. She is a very knowledgeable, personable and passionate coach who is concerned about my Uric Acid more than me. Her guidance not only helped me lose the extra kilos, but my elevated uric acid level also has come down. Looking forward to the remaining 2 months of the program and beyond.

Ok, enough of my blabbering. (I am feeling like I am sharing about my sobriety with fellow alcoholics in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting 😊. Sorry, that was a lame joke.)

Parting words to the people who have just started following Truweight program or planning to start – Truweight truly works, if you believe in it. Combine Truweight program with some amount of physical activity, and you will see the faster result. Shed those extra kilos, discover the NEW YOU. Are you ready for this amazing journey? Yes, or Yes 😊.. Ok, I will see you (the new you) on the other side.

Initially, I thought of not posting a before-after picture, as it’s still work in progress. Then again – a picture is worth a thousand words. But, haven’t I written more than a couple thousand words already? “So What?” Here is a thousand more 😊…

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