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Noni Kokum Drink


Truweight’s Noni Kokum drink is a perfect 11am healthy drink. This particular drink contains noni and kokum to boost metabolism.

As mentioned previously, Noni kokum drink is a perfect companion for a mid-meal drink. It is rich in antioxidants and also contains goodness of kokum with no added sugar.

It is well known to boost metabolism by aiding in digestion. A tasty, daily companion for the health conscious can be a best replacement for your sugary beverages.


Noni and Kokum

Health Benefits of Noni Kokum Drink

1. The kokum fruit is known for its usefulness in treatment of piles, dysentery, tumours, pains and heart complaints.

2. Noni kokum juice is effective against allergies due to insect bites. The allergies caused by sun exposure can be well treated with this juice. Also, it is good for regulating gastrointestinal acidity.

3. Kokum has shown to have anti-carcinogenic properties inhibiting the development of cancer.

4. Noni is known to lowering the risk of gout; With several other benefits such as anti-ageing, reducing stress, boosting immunity, improving skin quality and treating fever, Noni is exceptional for mental stability as well.

5. Noni is also known to have its benefits over regulating diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammations and tumours.

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