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Moong sprouted masala

Moong sprouted masala

Moong sprouted masala is a perfect option for evening snacks or for late night munching. Moong masala is a savoury and spicy snack which contains more than 90% moong grain. Moong is a source of protein and dietary fibre.

Key ingredients

Green gram (moong)

Cumin seeds

Black pepper

Dried green mango powder

Red chilli

Nutritional Information

Component g per 100
Energy (kcal) 361
Protein (g) 29
Fat (g) 3.6
Carb (g) 54
Fibre (g) 28.5
Sugar (g) 0

Health Benefits

1. Green gram is a well known source of protein and a powerhouse of nutrition. It helps keep hunger at bay between meals, facilitating maintaining and achieving a healthy weight. It detoxifies the body and benefits the metabolism. Sprouting of green moong causes easy digestion and reduces flatulence associated with high fibre foods.

2. Black pepper as well as red chillies could be helpful in boosting metabolism.

3. Regular intake of green moong reduces bad cholesterol and regulates the blood pressure.

4. Complex carbs in green moong stabilises blood sugar and controls sudden spike after meal, while keeping body’s energy at a balanced level. It is highly beneficial for people having high blood sugar level.

5. Cumin seeds are is rich in antioxidants and phytosterols. Phytosterols are plant based substances that are similar to cholesterol in their structure and function, and may inhibit the absorption of harmful cholesterol in the digestive tract, hence helping in weight reduction.

6. Mango powder or amchur combats acidity, boosts digestion, fights against constipation and flatulence, and ensures timely bowel movement.