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Truweight is a label of promise, progress and praise, as endorsed by reputed firms. Require no words to prove our commitment to serve and fly!!

Techchinasia Truweight


Now a startup lets you eat your way through weight loss – 

The Bangalore-based weight loss startup combines personalized nutrition counseling with a range of superfoods to help people manage their weight. Read more

Business Standard

Weight loss app Truweight raises Series A funding from Kalaari Capital

 Truweight offers solution for weight loss that combines its staple of “Super Foods” with a customised nutrition mentoring plan. Super Foods are nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.  Read more

The Hindu

Right way to lose it

When you talk of diet, people relate it with starving, but research shows that eating is the best way to lose weight and to be healthy. You can lose weight by eating more of fat burning foods. Read more

Indian Express

  Seven superfoods to keep diabetes at bay

Neha Sewani, a dietitian of weight loss company Truweight, shares a few tips to keep diabetes at bay with seven superfoods Read more

Times Of India

Those aged 30-35 are likely to have BMI higher than 30

Truweight found that BMI with 30 and more is a common trait found in 65.04% women followed by 34.96% men in 30-35 age group. Read more


 A Day in the Life of… Megha More, Co-Founder & COO, Truweight

Megha is very passionate about dancing and never misses a chance to shake a leg. In fact, her email signature says, “If you get a chance to sit or dance, I hope you dance.” Read more


  Get in shape with these apps

On the Truweight app, you can purchase customized meal plans, a superfoods kit (including wheatgrass powder, bitter-gourd soup, quinoa, daldosa) and one free consultation with a nutritionist. Read more


   Truweight Using Super Foods, Weight Loss Program & Technology To Capture the Indian Fitness

There are a lot of varying perspectives coming from different segments of the food industry as to what is the best way to lose weight and become fit. 70% of their clients have successfully lost weight and have managed to maintain this weight. Read more


Truweight to set up weight loss centers across 10 cities in 2 years

Truweight will also be hiring an additional 100 dieticians, to meet the requirements of the growing customer base, which will cross the 10 lakh mark in a span of two years. Read more


The Digital Dietitian

Truweight does not use any weight loss gimmicks like machines or weight loss pills, but focuses on healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Read more

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