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Lost 16 kgs in 9 Months While Embracing Healthy Lifestyle: Nirbhab’s Success Story

Nirbhab Barat Before and After weight loss
Nirbhab Barat Before and After weight loss

Problems faced before joining Truweight

Before joining Truweight, I was facing many health sufferings like depression, anxiety, migraine, frequent cramps, back pain, mood swings, sleep apnea, and acidity.

I was totally relying on medicines to overcome the difficulty but nothing was working.

The best thing about Truweight that makes it different than other weight loss companies

This platform is not just about losing weight or diet change but improving your lifestyle while inculcating healthy habits.

I tried many solutions but didn’t see any results. After I joined Truweight, I even started doing yoga. The best about Truweight is

  • Dietitian- Unlike other companies, experts here ensure regular follow-ups.
  • Superfoods- Super relishing and filling. They are the ultimate treasure of health benefits.
  • Doctor- Ensuring all-around healthy parameters, Truweight facilitates an appointment with the doctor who suggests best of Ayurvedic treatment and that too, over a call without waiting in a queue.

Truweight aids changes that you imbibe and keep with you not only to lose weight but to maintain the accomplished results.

Your feelings after losing weight

After completing 9 months of the program

  1. I feel more energetic as if capable of doing any given task
  2. I feel more healthy and physically fit
  3. In fact, I can fit into my older clothes and shopping for smaller sizes

In fact, I have quit smoking the day I joined Truweight. Everyone I am meeting is shocked by my this transformation and complimenting me. Overall, I am very happy.

Tips for weight loss

  • Keep changing with new experiments and discover yourself
  • Don’t give up and be patient

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