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How knowing your DIET SCORE will help you?

“Being self-aware is not the absence of mistakes, but the ability to learn and correct them.”

Do you think you eat healthy foods?
Do you think you eat healthy foods?

Most of the clients say, “I only eat healthy stuff: low oil dosa, idli, roti, rice. No burgers and fried foods. How can I be fat?”  

Out of 10 obese people we meet, 8 believe that they are eating healthy. If they were, they would not be obese. The foods that we presume to be healthy in reality, may not be so.  

There are a lot of myths around healthy eating. Healthy, for many mean corn-flakes, artificial sweeteners, juices, soy products, low-fat products, etc. You will be surprised almost all of them are unhealthy.

Did you know? 

  1. The glycemic index of corn flakes (93) is higher than even sugar (65).
  2. Popular multigrain attas have 91% wheat flour. All other grains are for namesake.
  3. A popular oats biscuit has only 1.5% oats.
  4. A popular orange drink has 95% sugar and 0.8% orange extract. .

Eating healthy is actually rocket science.

It is not as simple as counting calories. Unfortunately,  people have started seeing/judging food in terms of calories. 

Higher calories make certain foods our enemies as they mean more weight’. Nothing can be farther from the truth than this statement.

Food is nature’s best gift. It not only gives you energy but nourishes us with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, water, etc. And when you start looking food as just calories, you ignore all these factors.

Our experience says, almost 95% people eat less protein, over 80% eat less fibre, and almost 100% eat more carb than what is recommended. While counting calories, do you calculate how much protein and fibre do you consume?

How will a Diet Score help you? 

Your personal Coach/Dietician will analyze your diets on 14 parameters and give you a Diet Score. Amongst other things she will tell you:

  1. Whether you are eating enough micronutrients.
  2. Whether you are making the same mistake as 95% of obese people.
  3. 3 customised suggestions which can make you shed not just kilos but also inches.  

If you do not know the problem, then you cannot expect to find a solution. Take the first step towards a New You. It’s totally Free.

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