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Homemaker Kavita lose 10 Kg and Gained Back Her Confidence

Kavita Roy is a mother and a housewife. She had put on a lot of weight during her pregnancy and was struggling to lose them for a long time. She tried several kinds of diets and exercises and wasn’t getting any results.

Right then, she came across Truweight and is extremely glad that she joined us in her journey of weight loss. Now, before listening her story at Truweight, as an insight to her story before Truweight here is what Kavita says:

“I was very shy to go out; I could see that I lacked confidence in myself; I could see that I had grown a lot more than before; I think that’s why I am so happy about joining Truweight, I feel great today!”

It is obviously easier said than done. Losing weight didn’t happen for Kavita overnight; today she has lost nearly 10 kg through her program so far. She is also aiming to get much better with her rest of the time here and also outside this program.

Kavita had High Blood Pressure and also, she was pre-diabetic. She worried that her daughter and her future generation could suffer due to her illness. This led her to be determined about losing weight and getting healthier.

Her blood pressure and diabetes parameters are in control now.

The 3 changes that Kavita brought into her life after joining Truweight are:

  • Eating at the right time. Before Truweight, Kavita hardly ate on time, and also rarely had complete three meals. Today she has 3 full meals at the right time. Also, she says that she eats more than before and yet loses weight.
  • She had stopped doing exercises after a certain point in her life. Now, she has restarted her workout routines, at home. She works out for at least 30 minutes daily.
  • She has kept up with keeping her body hydrated by drinking water regularly.

Kavita has a couple of favourite Truweight superfoods that she relishes almost everyday. Protein shake, Amla juice, Seed cocktail, Chana jor, Quinoa and seeds snacks are on the top of her favourites lists.

We almost jumped up in happiness when Kavita said “Everything about Truweight is amazing! Their approach, the team, the food. They have been incredibly supportive to me. Everyone who is finding it hard to lose weight, has to join Truweight!”

It’s endearing to see clients like Kavita who want to work on their illness, so they are not passing it on to the next generation. It is this attitude of humans that makes the world much better and healthy.

Let us all get better and healthier starting today! Join us today for your better tomorrow!

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