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Gayathri’s journey towards a healthier life

Gayathri S.P, a 44-year-old teacher by profession was facing health issues, chiefly, hormonal imbalance and swelling of the feet. Luckily, her health issues were something that can be rectified by employing healthy lifestyle habits.  

After joining Truweight, Gayathri lost 16.4 kgs in 5 months.

Gayathri truweight

Gayathri’s experience with Truweight

“Earlier, I used to take this tablet called Medhora Vati, an Ayurvedic slimming tablet. However, I hardly saw any positive results. Compared to this, my experience with Truweight was very different. Truweight’s superfoods are completely natural and gave me wonderful results. These foods helped me lose weight and though I have much more weight to lose, now I am confident that I can achieve my goals. I earnestly thank my dietician Aswini Chakrasali for constant motivation and support”.

The best thing Gayathri liked about Truweight

Showering praises on Truweight, Gayathri said, “I thoroughly enjoy Truweight superfoods. They are super healthy and very delicious. My dietician Aswini Chakrasali’s guidelines were so precise that I was able to follow them effortlessly. She was also very motivating. Along with Aswini, nutritionist Sufia was also very motivating and encouraging. This morale boost played a vital role in my weight loss journey”.

 Gayathri post her weight loss journey  

“My body is much lighter now and I feel healthy and energetic. I lost 16.4 kg just in the 5 months program. This was possible only because of the healthy food and diet I am taking. Now I am not afraid of weight gain”.

 Gayathri’s take on Superfoods

“Truweight’s superfoods are very tasty and they are made of natural and whole foods. I totally love them”.

Gayathri’s 3 tips for weight loss

1. Strictly follow up the Dietician guidelines.

2. Listen to the coach and follow Truweight videos.

3. Walk and exercise regularly.

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