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Forgotten Foods – Guidelines

  • This   phase   is   all   about   forgotten   foods:   ragi,   jowar,   bajra,   kuttu,   foxtail   millet.   Foods   that  we   ate   50/100   years   back   in   large   quantity   but   somehow   advent   of   consumerism   has  ensured death of these products in urban plate. These foods are rich in micronutrients like iron, calcium, phosphorus as well as fibre.
  • Try   to   include   these   foods   in   one   meal   at least  during   the   day.   The   more   you   do,  better  for you.
  • This phase, try to minimize wheat and rice consumption. Incase you are comfortable, you can go for semi gluten free in this period. Semi gluten free means that you will cut down on consumption of gluten, though you will not eliminate it completely. If you find it tough to go gluten free, then it is not compulsory to go semi gluten free.
  • It   is   not   going   to   be   extremely   easy   to   cook   these   foods   as   doing   anything   for   the   first  time   is   going   to   be   difficult.   But   the   efforts   would   be   worth   it.   So, we   would   strongly   urge  you to put in that extra effort to learn about better foods created by God.
  • Superfoods you can include are gluten free atta, diet atta (slim atta), Amaranth mix, WOW drink,  Quinoa dal dosa (Quinoa dosa), foxtail millet mix as all these include forgotten foods.
  • Consume 10 ml of Tru Juice (Super Juice) with water (50-100 ml) early morning and 1.5 tsp of  Tri Fibre (Super Fibre) in buttermilk 30 minutes before dinner and seeds cocktail
  • Avoid grains for  4 days during dinner. Or have 1 or 2 small roti/ chapathi of 5-6 inch, take shake-a day, buttermilk with trufibre (superfibre), one bowl of soup or a salad and cooked dal.
  • Have   at least   3   glasses   of   liquid   daily   (a   combination   of   vegetable   juice,   buttermilk/warm  milk, lime water, tender coconut water). Also, consume 1 cup of teatox daily.
  • There   are   lot   of   stuff   available   in   the   market   which   you   can   use   in   this   phase:   ragi   idli,   ragi  dosa, ragi vermicelli, foxtail millet, jowar rawa, bajra rawa.
  • Follow 13 days of diet from Forgotten phase with 2 days of Cheat meal in a week.One for Breakfast and One for Lunch.

Ten Commandments of Truweight

  1. Drink 2-3 litres of water daily & sleep for 7-8 hours.
  2. Stop counting calories; instead focus on nutrient value of food. An apple is anyday better than a 200ml bottle of cola even though it has more calories.
  3. Follow Truweight Plate during lunch/dinner: 50% vegetables, 25% carbs, 25% protein. For carbs, don’t just rely on wheat & rice and have variety of whole grains and millets.
  4. Consume 25-40 gms of fibre daily and .7-1 gm of protein for every kg of ideal body weight.
  5. Make dinner as light as possible. Try to go for grain free on few days. Gap between dinner and sleep should be 2-3 hours.
  6. Include buttermilk, coconut water, vegetable juice, sprouts, salad on a daily basis.
  7. Gap between 2 meals should not be more than 3.5 hours.
  8. Include good fat in diet like nuts, seeds. Cut down on oil, it should not be more than 2-3 tsp every day if you are trying to lose weight. Use cold pressed oil instead of refined oils.
  9. Get medical tests done to know your nutritional deficiency and hormonal imbalance. Discuss the reports with your dietician.
  10. Eat Super Foods. They are designed after years of research, combining best of Super Foods. They are also high in protein and fibre and very rich in nutrient value.

And most important, have a positive attitude and follow the program religiously 🙂


Regular exercise is an important detoxing tool. Exercise helps to relieve stress and increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. It stimulates our bodies to shed toxins and strengthen bones and muscles. Try to incorporate 30 minutes of physical exercise, 3-5 times a week.

Learn some healthy recipes

Healthy weight loss starts from kitchen. And if you cannot get tasty food, we can assure you that your weight loss journey will not last for a long time. And we can also assure you that healthy food habits do not have to be boring and mundane. There are hundreds of interesting recipes that you can delight both your taste buds and waistline. It is very important to learn these recipes for a sustained and happy weight loss journey. Visit our website for good recipes ( Remember, weight loss journey does not have to be a torture, it is not about deprivation. It is about being happy and your good health.

Guidelines on how to consume Products

  1. You can have 1-1.5 tsp of Tru Fibre (Super Fibre) daily before meal. It can be had in either buttermilk or water. Depending on your comfort, you can have it either before lunch or dinner or both. It is a Free Food.
  2. Consume 10 ml of Tru Juice (Super Juice) with water (50-100 ml) at room temperature. Ideally have it in the early morning. After few days, it can be consumed without water as per your comfort.
  3. Take Trifala with lukewarm water or regular water before bedtime.
  4. If you can eat eggs, try and have eggs on 3-4 days during detox. If you have high cholesterol (or are hypertensive), then restrict it to 2 whole eggs per week, otherwise 4 whole eggs per week (can have more egg whites).
  5. Try to reduce tea/coffee or substitute it with teatox/herbal teas without sugar. If you are addicted to it, then have one small cup and then gradually move towards teatox/green tea.
  6. Because of lack of gluten, gluten free rotis would be little difficult to make. You are advised to make it with warm water. Prepare rotis immediately before consumption.
  7. How to have Vegetable Juice: Please be very careful not to strain the pulp. Vegetable juice should be had with pulp as pulp contains fibre.
  8. You might not like the taste of semi polished or hand pound rice initially, but give it some time. It takes 21 days usually to accept any new taste and after that you will start loving it. And believe us, it would be one of the healthiest changes that you will be making to your diet. If you have eaten brown rice before you can continue to eat it if not start with semi-brown or hand pound rice.
  9. Initially, you are also advised to make some dish out of brown rice to improve the taste e.g. biryani, lemon rice, curd rice. Refer our website for few recipes ( If you are eating brown rice for the first time, then make sure that it is cooked well and you begin with a small quantity and then increase the quantity. Less than 1% of people might face some digestion problem because of its higher fiber content, but then there is nothing to worry. Your body will get used to it with time. Your body needs fibre and with detox and probiotics, your digestion will improve.

Common Guidelines

  1. Chew slowly and eat properly without much disturbance.
  2. Eat your first meal within 30-60 minutes of getting up. And it should not be tea/coffee. Ideally, it should be a fruit/seeds/nuts/juice.
  3. Use smaller plates and other containers to cut on the portion size.
  4. Eat more when you are more active. Eat less, when you are less active.
  5. Incorporate one fruit in your daily diet. Fruit should not be taken after a meal. Fruit should be taken as a stand alone small meal. Preferably in the morning/mid morning snacks. Fruit should be avoided after 6 in the evening.
  6. Reduce your stress level. Stress is a big factor leading to weight gain.
  7. If your BMI is greater than 30, then you should consume two bowls of dal/legume preparation/curries. Ideally do not increase consumption of carb, but use healthier foods to fill your stomach.
  8. There are certain free Foods in the program (e.g. Teatox, WOW drink, buttermilk, vegetable juice, egg whites, coconut water, etc.). You can have these foods anytime without worrying whether it is a part of your meal plan.
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