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Fight Hypothyroidism with Superfoods | Truweight

With thyroid today becoming what we call a “household” disease, 1 in 10 adults in India suffers from Hypothyroidism, data says. Needless to say, the figures are staggeringly high in number.

Hypothyroidism causes the patient to enter a vicious cycle of weight gain, the slowdown of metabolism and further aggravation of the disease. Its various repercussions include weight gain, fatigue, and heart failure.

So what can we do to remain away from Hypothyroidism?

Research proves that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle play a vital role in managing thyroid (for people who already have it) and help to keep the more fortunate ones away from the lifelong disease.

Medications alone cannot do anything to solve the root cause of the problem, which makes it pertinent to lose weight to break this vicious cycle.

Tough as it may sound, it is certainly not impossible to overcome the problem of hypothyroidism. With natural superfoods, exercise and proper nutrition, you can achieve what seems to be unachievable now.

There are many people who have changed their fates and now let us see how Truweight helped them to overcome the unfathomable.

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