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This Is How Shilpa Shetty Lost Her Post Delivery Weight In Just A Few Months!

Who would have thought that this dusky damsel with not so convincing looks (we are a bit too used to perceiving on-screen actresses as the ultimate epitomes of beauty and perfection and even a wee bit of imperfection makes us mark down the tinsel town beauties!) in her first ever performance in the movie Baazigar would make it this far and become what she is today – a loving wife & mother and a super successful actor, entrepreneur and yoga guru – Shilpa Shetty!

The Ever-So-Sexy Shilpa Shetty!

Shilpa shetty weight loss
Shilpa shetty weight loss

Mother to a cute five-year-old boy Viaan, hats off to her post-pregnancy avatar where Shilpa Shetty looks smoking hot and sexier than she has ever been… and when I say this, I mean even before she was married! Shilpa Shetty is undoubtedly one of Bollywood’s fittest actors.

Can we ever forget her oozing sex quotient in the song Shut Up And Bounce from the movie Dostana?

I have watched the song several times not for its music or beats but only to watch Shilpa and her tiny waist doing those oh-so-sexy moves!

She has crossed miles in revolutionizing Yoga and played an important part in propagating Yoga as one of the most effective weight loss & fitness methods.

The confident lady did not shy away from posting her before-after pictures on the Internet with an aim to inspire the millions of mothers out there thinking of how to lose weight.

Shilpa says, “I have always been known for my body, health, and fitness. However, for five months after Viaan was born, I didn’t think of my weight.

I was not able to do some things that I used to do earlier as I had put on 20 kilos.

I realized this one day when I bent to pick up Viaan. More than about not being fat it was about being fit. Fortunately, I had a good trainer. After five-and-a-half months of exercise, I had lost 18 kilos.”  

Shilpa before and after weight loss
Shilpa before and after weight loss

Even while she staunchly believes in fitness and healthy lifestyle, Shilpa Shetty detests the term “dieting” as she believes that using the term dieting sends a signal to your brain that you are consciously depriving yourself from something you love!

Instead, she believes in making exercise and fitness a lifestyle and we will tell you how in the article.  

Did You Know: Shilpa Shetty Gained A Whopping 32 Kgs During Pregnancy!

One thing which is invariably linked to pregnancy is weight gain! To many, being pregnant comes as a genuine excuse to gorge on whatever their heart desires to (given the various kinds of “food cravings” they experience through their journey.

And rightly so! What is intimidating is the thought of losing that weight after the delivery and that is where most women fail to cross the bridge.

But Shilpa took it head on and proved to the world that you can not only lose that weight but also don a hotter avtaar only if you have the grit and determination to do so.

She had gained overall a weight of 32 kg which she lost in only 3.5 months!

As a step towards taking the weight loss journey successfully along with spreading the secret with the world through her book which she co-authored with nutrition and fitness expert Luke Coutinho titled The Great Indian Diet.

What Does Shilpa Shetty’s Diet Look Like?

On a regular day, here is how Shilpa likes her meals to be:


  • She starts her day with hot water and a plate of papaya with lemon on empty stomach.
  • Shilpa whips up different juices every day, such as red juice (pomegranate, apple carrot, and beetroot, tomato and green apple), green juice (cucumber and spinach).
  • Cup of milk tea.
  • Porridge or two whole eggs – omelet, boiled or scrambled.

Lunch (her heaviest meal of the day)

  • Rice or two rotis ( made of 5 different kinds of grains ) with two teaspoons of ghee, vegetables, dal, fish (she has quit chicken due to the fear of the birds being fed with toxic antibiotics and steroids) or egg bhurji.
  • She ends her meal with a piece of jaggery

Evening snacks (if time permits)

  • Snacks such as makhanas sautéed in ghee with salt and pepper
  • A glass of slim dahi buttermilk.
  • Two eggs, if the day starts early.
  • Or just a cup of tea with brown sugar (Shilpa can’t live without two cups of tea daily)

Dinner (before 8 pm)

  • Sour Soup for proteins.
  • Stir-fried vegetables or paneer.
  • Turkey slice / Salmon steak.

Sunday is her “Cheat Day” when she gorges on her favourite desserts and junk and whatever food she thinks would make her Sundays comforting and fun.

On her cheat days, she does not hold back her cravings and gives in to them without feeling guilty at all! According to her, cheat meals keeps her going.

Shilpa Shetty And Her Exercise Routine

shilpa shetty excercise routine
Shilpa Shetty Vinod channa

When Shilpa’s trainer Vinod Channa started training Shilpa after her pregnancy, she had already put on 32 kg because of giving in to “sweet cravings”.

She had never seen this form of hers and was keen and adamant on getting back into her previous shape at the earliest.

When she started to workout again, she complained about pain in the neck, lower back, and knees. Her core had become weak due to childbirth.

So she along with Vinod Channa devised a systematic workout plan, which she followed to the T and the results are for everyone to see.

They together worked on strengthening her weaker muscles and joints first and then move on to the fat loss process.

In the first phase of her weight loss, they worked on strengthening her lower back with a lot of lower back flexibility and strengthening workouts.

For the knees, they worked on supporting muscles like inner thigh, outer thigh, glutes and transverse oblique.

They also added a lot of yoga-inspired exercises and animal flow exercises to get good conditioning of her body, and joint mobility.

This helped her cure the joint pain which usually sets in after childbirth. Vinod Channa followed this up with introducing her to body weight training and extreme core exercises which she had not done in past.

They also added functional training, yoga, and blended various exercises to make her shed those 32 kilos in 3.5 months.

Shilpa Shetty also says, “When I was losing weight after my pregnancy, I would eat nearly four eggs a day. Eggs keep your stomach full for longer. When you are trying to lose a lot of weight, you always stress about not getting to have food.

This results in your body producing extra cortisol, slowing down metabolism. Eating has a lot more to do with your mind than your stomach. Don’t tell yourself that you are dieting.

Make a change in your life to be healthy not because you want to fit into a dress or because you have a party to attend. Weight gain is a natural process and you must take your time to nurse the baby.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to exercise, it is still possible to lose 75 percent of the baby weight just by eating a balanced diet. But aim for it only after the first four months of delivery.”

So this was Shilpa Shetty’s inspiring journey where she not only gained her original shape back in no time but also took the world by storm by an elevated level of confidence, which probably motherhood played a big role in.

We wish her all the luck for her future endeavors and hope she keeps inspiring millions of people across the globe like she does today. For more interesting success stories of weight, keep following our blogs and we will keep feeding you with more inspirational life changing real stories.

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