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How To Avoid Biggest Mistake in Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss ensures that you lose body fat and not muscle mass and water.

Weight loss is so much more than losing inches. Has it happened that you have followed a diet plan to lose weight fast; but as soon as you stopped it, you gained your weight back.

So why does that happen? It is because of the main weight loss mistake you are doing. In case crash diet or unplanned dieting you end up losing is water and muscles instead of fat.

Our body weight is made up of four key things – water, muscles, fat and bones. When you lose muscle weight, your metabolism slows down, and when your metabolism slows down, you stop burning fat effectively, thus gaining weight.

Why do you lose muscle mass? When your protein intake is inadequate. The right amount of protein is important for healthy muscle gain. The second important point is regular strength training to build healthy muscle.

You should not lose weight mindlessly. The aim should be to lose fat weight, and gain muscle so that your weight loss is healthy.

At Truweight we ensure that you lose fat and not muscle. Through a healthy diet chart and increased protein intake through super foods, we ensure sustainable weight loss.

So that you look healthy and toned even after the diet plan is over.

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