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How to detox your body in 8 simple ways!

Medically reviewed by  Darshita ThakkarNutrition Training and Quality Manager for PAN India

Every time there’s some garbage collected in your house, what do you do? Do you let it just be, while it stinks and rots? Or do you get rid of it quickly?

Obviously the latter! But what is the approach when it is your body? People accumulate garbage (fat) but do not discard it (weight loss detox diets).

best detox for weight loss fast
What is the best detox for weight loss fast? Let’s explore.

All of us are cleanliness freaks when it comes to keeping our home spic and span.

So even when we as humans are well versed with the concept of cleanliness, how come some of us forget to detoxify our bodies with weight loss diets?

Bathing daily, grooming externally is just not enough. You have to detoxify your internal organs too for good health and weight loss.

Detox diets for weight loss help us do just that. But first, let us understand what is detoxification all about.

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What is Detox or Detoxification?

Detox means detoxification! Detoxification is the process of removal of toxic wastes from a person’s body, carried out mainly by the liver.

It is about cleaning and nourishing the body from inside out. Basically, detoxification of the body is nothing but cleaning the blood.

We have been endowed by natural detox systems like the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph, skin, and the intestines.

However, constant abuse with alcohol, smoking, poor dietary choices and bad lifestyle make them sluggish. Detox routines should ideally help in eating clean and light!

Popular Weight Loss Detox Diets Demystified

popular detox diet plan
Popular detox diet plans recommend this. But is it worth it??

We gave you the definition of detox but look around on the internet; detox diets are crazy popular. The new buzzword in weight loss kingdom is detox.

Right from detox juice fasts, colon-cleanse solutions, quick detox diets…the list is endless!

Sadly, under all these fancy terms attached to detox is just another fad diet. Detox diets involve a period of fasting followed by a diet full of raw veggies, fruit, fruit juices and detox (flavoured) water.

Some detox diets stretch the limit by including herbs, supplements, and colon cleanses which flush out the intestinal contents.

Many people claim to feel light and energetic after detox! Well, it is because this kind of a stringent diet regime eliminates the energy sapping, sugar and fat loaded processed foods.

Side Effects of Popular Weight Loss Detox Diets

Surviving on just juices or skipping meals in the name of detox diets are pushing your body to dangerous extremes!

All you end up losing is not toxin but precious muscle and water! Most of the flavoured detox drinks are nothing but water and everyone knows excess water can help flush toxins away.

tiredness and detox diets for weight loss
Feeling tired after taking up one of the detox diets for weight loss?

There is very little evidence which attributes detoxification to these diets. Most of these detox diets severely limit protein which can lead to tiredness.

If you follow these detox diets for the long term, then you could end up being deficient in vitamins and minerals. Colon -cleanse can leave you feeling unpleasant with bloating, cramps, nausea, vomiting, and even dehydration.

Truweight’s detox a notch apart:

True to the honest and scientific tagline, Truweight’s detox lasts for 10 days and you are supposed to eat 3 big and 2 mini meals.

Truweight’s detox is crafted to help address 3 main causes of obesity:  toxicity, gut bacteria imbalance, and inflammation. Nutritious foods which are non-allergenic are provided which cleanse the system. Read more about the Truweight way to detox in this blog.

How to Detox your Body with 8 Simple Tips

how to detox body at home
How to detox body at home in 8 simple non-harmful ways!

Tired of searching how to detox the body or the best detox for weight loss? Well, your search stops here because we give you a complete lowdown of simple ways to detox your body at home. Read on the list of 8 simple detox tips:

  1. Include more of vitamin C in your diet, as it contains a liver compound that helps flush toxins away.
  2. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day is a sure shot and a cheap way to achieve detoxification of the body.
  3. Deep breathing helps in better circulation throughout the body. So take a deep sigh of breath for instant detox for weight loss.
  4. Sweating by indulging in more vigorous and physical activities can also help eliminate toxins by perspiration. Remember, although 70% of the weight loss journey is diet, physical activity still forms about 30% of it. So go out, grab your running or jogging shoes because it is the best detox for weight loss fast.
  5. Try taking as less stress as possible. Stress can be really harmful to the body, even in general. It sure is an impediment not only for weight loss but for detox as well.
  6. Cut down on your sugar intake. Notice how any of the commercial detox drinks for weight loss are devoid of sugar. So cut it down.
  7. If possible, try including some organic foods while following a detox diet, as it’s the least harmful to your body during this period.
  8. Defend yourself against environmental pollutants, like smoke, noise, pollution, as they can easily harm your skin and system. Antioxidants fruits and vegetables help greatly in detoxification and shielding from the ill-effects of the environmental pollutants.

What is a detox drink?

Detox drinks are effective in washing away the harmful toxins from the body. It is a wonderful way to make you look brighter and feel healthier and can also help you in losing weight.

It will also boost your health and keep your body hydrated for long.

An Introduction to Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

detox drinks for weight loss
While detox drinks for weight loss maybe humbug, flavoured water can make drinking water exciting

Apart from these drinks, the relatively simple but popularly known detox drinks are detox water and detox tea. Watch the video to know whether detox drinks works for weight loss!

What is detox water?

Detox water for weight loss is the latest diet craze and from the looks of it is just water infused with seasonal fruits and veggies.

What if you can amp up your regular tasteless water to infuse it with herbs and veggies for detox? That is exactly detox water.

It is your regular water (preferably chilled) along with some delicious goodies. The most popular additions in detox water for weight loss being cucumber, lemon, berries, and fruits.

On the other hand, a detox tea (or Teatox) involves adding a few herbs to one’s regular hot brew.

Truweight has been innovative in combining green tea with essential ayurvedic herbs to make a great tasting detox tea or Teatox!

Detox drinks: Truweight Teatox
Truweight’s innovative detox drinks blend with green tea and 11 herbs

Finally, having talked at length about the miraculous benefits of detoxification, we’re hoping that everyone includes these simple steps in their life to make their depressing, distressing, and dreary life way more De-lightful!

Truweight strongly believes in the power of detoxification as the first step for weight loss.

Hence any program always begins with the customary 10-day detox diet for weight loss followed by a regular diet plan.

Most of the clients feel light on the weighing machine and energetic after their stint with detox.

Why not, when you are eating right and light, weight loss is the natural side-effect.

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