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7 Tips To Make New Year Weight Loss Resolutions Actually Work!

As the New Year is approaching, we all are set with our own resolutions. Be it about traveling more, trying new dishes or finally getting in shape.

But the problems with resolutions are that we only stick to them for a couple of day or max, for a month.

And as the new vibes of a year’s beginning start fading, we go back to routine. So all those new year weight loss resolutions take a back seat as we begin eating the wrong foods yet again.

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So I thought, instead of bringing to you the resolutions,

I should be giving a few tips on how to make the resolutions work. So take a notepad and write these down, because honey sticking to the resolutions won’t be a cakewalk at all!

Tips to make weight loss resolutions work
Tips to make weight loss resolutions work

1. Make simpler and short-term goals

Don’t get driven away with the New Year’s zeal and make tough goals. Instead, choose a simple and approachable path with goals that are more achievable. So instead of having a huge number to achieve for weight loss, try something smaller and continuous.

Like, set a plan to lose 5 kgs in the first two months and then after achieving it, move ahead with another goal. In simple words, make short-term goals.

2. Take expert’s help

If you think the new year would be the right time for you to follow the diet strictly, then it’s time you go to the experts.

Although Google does serve a lot of purposes, when it comes to health and weight loss, you should be talking to someone who knows things. You can consult a dietician or a doctor who can examine your health conditions and suggest your diet plans that are suitable for your body.

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3. Avoid the party boosters

If you think your weight loss resolutions will begin after 1st of Jan, then think it again. New Year’s is the best time to put on weight from the drinks and party foods. This will make you heavy after the parties which may also add on to your weight losing complexities.

So the best tip for your weight loss resolutions For New year! to work is to be careful during the parties. Avoid the junks and alcohol as much as you can. I’d say, moderation should be the key!

4. Be a pro with the plan

Once you know how you want your diet and lifestyle to look like in the coming year, plan ahead.

You shouldn’t be left with confusing situations like – from where to begin, which foods to throw out, what exercise to sign up for. So, go ahead with a proper plan of what you want- vegetarian meals or non-vegetarian, cycling or jogging, morning walks or treadmills.

5. Find a partner in weight loss

The best way to stick to your weight loss resolution is to find a partner. Studies have shown that having a weight loss partner can give you better results.

Firstly, you both can motivate each other whenever either of you is down and secondly, you can share ideas of recipes, workouts that will make your weight loss journey fun.

6. Choose a sustainable way of weight loss

Instead of going on the dash diets, zero-carb diets or even GM diets, go for a balanced diet. This will ensure that you are not going through any sudden eating habit change which will make things easier for your body to cope with.

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Moreover, these fast weight loss diets are proven to be non-sustainable. Hence, go for healthy and easy weight loss diets that will be sustainable.

7. Follow the tricks

This point here is to follow a few tricks that will be beneficial in making your new year weight loss resolutions work.

  • a) Check for weight loss blood tests if you think the weight gain is hormonal.
  • b) Talk more about your health resolutions with friends and family. Discussing more can let you not forget about the resolutions.
  • c) Go for healthy alternatives to food- baked chicken instead of fried, vegetable bowls instead of unhealthy snacks, home cooked foods instead of ordering from outside.
  • d) Avoid events and get-togethers which are more food and drink oriented after the new year bash.

Writing a set of guidelines is always easy, which is tough to follow those guidelines.

As I have given you the main points to look out for in order to make your weight loss resolutions work, please feel free to add your tips in the comments below.

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