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5 Tips For Middle-Aged Men To Lose Excess Weight

Men, who have reached their middle-age years, have a biological tendency of not losing weight easily. This is because when men reach the age of 35 to 40 to start having a biological deceleration.

During this time, the amount of testosterone in the male body drops and its secretion also begins to plummet.

Due to this, the metabolism rate also reduces and thus as a result, the burning of fat and lossof weight becomes all the more difficult.

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Stress builds up from work and social expectations can also cause difficulties in commuting to lose weight and body fat.

Weight loss for men in their middle ages is a cumbersome task as usually a lot of effort yield only a minute amount of result.

In order to lose weight fast, one needs to have a healthy diet and sufficient amount of exercise as the foundation of weight loss in men.

With these and some other ways, a man in his middle years can bring about a pattern which will in the end help him to lose weight fast and efficiently for his age.

Tips to lose weight for middle-aged men:

Here are some tricks and tips which a man in his 30s can implement to lose fat fast.

By following this few weight loss tips for men under 30, fat loss and belly fat reduction can become a simple and effective task.

Here are a few ways in which you can lose fat and bring about weight loss for men.

1. Control and reduce your stress:

We all have heard of a mid-life crisis. This is an actual experience people have during the same age period where the amount of stress they experience is abnormally high.

The feeling of stress is experienced when during times of pressure and restlessness and when the body and mind are being overburdened with tasks, a hormone called cortisol is released.

This gives us the feeling of being stressed. Cortisol has a direct influence on the amount of fat that is deposited around the midriff or the lower abdomen area.

The release of cortisol makes it difficult for the body to burn and metabolize fat.

By removing and eliminating as much stress as you possibly can from your daily routine will allow you to reduce and control the amount of cortisol your body generates and will help you in preventing the deposition of more fat and make it easier to burn and metabolize whatever remain fat you might have around your waist.

You can achieve this by practising meditation or listening to calming music or even reading a book in a relaxed environment.

Simply indulging in 10 minutes of peaceful mindfulness each day can drastically reduce the amount of stress you experience throughout the day.

2. Do not cut down on sleep:

Ensure proper sleep
Ensure proper sleep

The act of sleeping is one of the most important activities the human body does. The act of sleeping id vital for the proper functioning of the mind and body as it acts a reset for the entire human system.

Among the numerous benefits provided by sound and plentiful sleep, prevention of fat gain is one of them.

A study done on over 60,000 men and women shows that those who get only 5 hours of sleep gain roughly 2.5 pound more than those who get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each day.

Setting a soothing night time schedule like switching off all screens and electronic about an hour before going to bed is a beneficial way for men to lose weight.

Especially when in their middle age; when the workload is maximum and opportunities to fully rest are scarce, getting a complete and sound stretch of sleep,provides the much required overall benefits to your body and mind.

3. Increase the amount of protein intake:

During middle age, the average male body requires about 10% more protein and other times and ages.

Cutting down on fat and calories and replacing them with more protein based foods will help you build muscle and burn more amount of fat.

Food items that are more protein-based like eggs, chicken breasts, almonds, etc. have shown to provide a greater metabolic boost than items that is carbohydrates and fats based.

This will help you keep your energy and productivity high for the day and also keep you clear from unnecessary oils and fats that you are likely to consume otherwise.

Incorporating protein in your diet allows you to burn upto 30% more calories than you would normally burn if you had fats in your dietary routine.

4. Rearrange and manage your diet:

Nutrify your diet
Nutrify your diet

Continuing with your old diet even when men are middle aged is a cause for why losing fat is such a cumbersome task.

After reaching the middle age mark of your life, men need to re-shuffle and clean up their diet in order to make the most out of what they are consuming and if they want to lose weight and fat.

Men who consume more refined food like sugar and white flour have shown to possess more belly fat and gain in weight as compared to those who the same amount of calories but from less processed foods and items.

Eating healthy snacks and having nuts like almonds and walnuts that aid in weight loss and the burning of fat is a great way to go about this process.

5. Increase your body and physical strength:

Exercise for better strength
Exercise for better strength

It is proven that the more muscles you have, the more amounts of calories you can burn. Men when reaching the age of 35-40, begin losing muscles mass.

But doing resistance training and similar exercises, middle-aged men can retain and even put on more muscle mass that will allow them to remove excess fat from their body and overall become physically stronger and more resilient.

By strengthening yourself, you can also manage your weight and the amount of fat you burn during your regular exercise.

By following the above simple tips and incorporating them in your daily lie routine, middle-aged men who are facing the problem of belly fat and being overweight can easily tackle this problem and even remove the problem of being overweight altogether.

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