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15 Easy And Fun Ways How To Burn Calories Easily

All of us out here looking to lose weight have at least once in our lifetime fallen prey to companies marketing products on how to burn calories.

So in the real sense of it, most of these products that induce artificial burning of calories never work in the long term.

Adopting natural methods that facilitate weight loss will take you on a much more consistent, sustainable and fulfilling journey of weight loss.

So if you really wish to lose weight and wondering how to burn calories, this article is just for you.

So let us sail you through 15 easy and fun ways of how to burn calories and then let you figure out the ones that work the best for you.

1. Walk While Attending to Errands

Here I am not referring to your usual morning/evening walks where the focus is to workout.

Here I mean the many times when you can squeeze in a bit of walking while you attend to daily chores like talking on the phone or while enjoying your cup of coffee.

Squeezing in a bit of walking between your daily activities can help you burn up to 350 calories a day, which amounts to a significant number of calories burnt in a month.

2. Avoid Nuts

Avoid nuts to burn calories
Avoid nuts

Though nuts contain good for heart fats, they are also high in calories. If you cut down completely on your nuts, you can do away with more than 500 calories.

If you are too fond of nuts to completely cut them off from your diet, stick to almonds, pistachios and pine nuts as they are relatively low on calories and aid weight loss.

This is another easy solution to how to burn calories easily. Here is a recipe where you can combine your fruits and nuts in an interesting way.

3. Avoid Eating in front of TV

It is an established fact that you eat more when you eat your meals in front of the television. This happens because you are not eating mindfully when you are watching TV and tend to overeat.

Instead, swap watching TV with listening to music while you eat your meals. This is really not a tough change to your lifestyle if you are thinking of how to burn calories.

This is even prevalent in kids who develop this habit of watching TV while eating and gives rise to obesity in that age group [2].

4. Avoid a Frilly Salad

Avoid a frilly salad to lose calories
Avoid a frilly salad

A salad (fruit or vegetable) should be designed to optimize health benefits we wish to draw from it. So it should be packed with nutrients and not topped with high fat ingredients.

Eating a fat laden salad and wondering how to burn calories… a clear mismatch I must say!

Avoid all the frills that look and also taste exotic but never fail to add another few pounds on our butts and bellies [3].

Make your salads sans cheese crumbles, caramelized nuts, bacon, avocado, dried fruit, croutons, and vinaigrettes as they can add lots of unwanted calories into your health food.

Here are interesting recipes for Omega-3 Salad and Thai Papaya Salad. You will just love them!

5. Do Not Whip Up Your Coffee

Do not whip up your coffee
Do not whip up your coffee

Adding that irresistible whip of cream on top of your coffee turns it into almost a dessert as they may contain as many as over 700 calories in one serving [4].

In fact, weight watchers should go for black coffee for its tremendous weight loss benefits if are seriously wondering how to burn calories.

6. Serve Straight from the Kitchen

Lavishly spread out meals where the food served in front of you invites you to take the second and third helpings make you intake extra calories.

A better idea is to serve your food on your plate straight from the kitchen and then sitting down to eat with your family.

7. Start Ordering Miniatures

Start ordering miniatures
Start ordering miniatures

Keep an eye on miniature versions of your favorite dishes, especially desserts in restaurants.

Doing this will help you cut on the calorie intake while letting you enjoy your favourite meal.

8. Steer Clear of Camouflaged Oils

Weight watchers… migrate to steamed, baked or poached foods today. If you choose the right ingredients, you can have a restaurant like a dish prepared at home and that too, without too many of those unwanted calories.

Here is a baked sweet potato recipe just for you. Also, ask the restaurant not to top your food with extra oil (maybe basil oil, garlic oil, chili oil and so on), which is mainly used as a taste enhancer. Here you end up saving another few calories going in your body.

9. Sleep Well

Lack of sleep may actually push back your weight loss goals. It is an established fact that sleep deprivation can actually lead you to binge more and add on a few pounds quite easily [5].

10. Fill Yourself up with Protein Rich Food

Eggs are supposed to be excellent for weight watchers as they are a good source of proteins and fat-soluble vitamins and keep you feeling full for longer [6].

Have 2 boiled or poached eggs for breakfast along with a handful of almonds and pistachios and you are sorted till lunch. This is another extremely important step in your how to burn calories list!

11. Enjoy Your Movie With Plain Popcorns

Gorging on buttered popcorns may very well be tasting divine and feeling comforting but the fact remains that butter does a world of harm to your weight loss agenda.

So control the waywardness and opt for plain popcorns instead of gorgeously golden buttered ones.

Yes, they do look tempting to the eyes but they are going to look horrible on your butts. Remember that!

12. Go Green with Gardening

Did you know that involving yourself in an activity-based hobby like gardening could make you lose a significant amount of calories [7]?

Gardening also offers another benefit of reaping the results of your good deeds…like literally!

You could plant various greens, fruits, and veggies and have an assortment of healthy and garden fresh produce right on your plate.

13. Shed Pounds by Window Shopping

If there is one way you lose heaps of calories without even realizing it, it definitely is window shopping!

Check out the latest fashion trends while imagining yourself in those trendy outfits. This should become some serious weight goal then!  

14. Cycle to Work

Shun the motor and put your own physical engine to some good use. Consider cycling to work whenever you know there is no agenda lined up that requires you to dress up well.

Cycling is an excellent cardio exercise and there are numerous health benefits attached to it.

You will be surprised how quickly this will become a trend and you will be no less than a trendsetter!

15. Choose the Stairs Instead of Lift

Use stairs instead of lift
Choose the stairs instead of lift

This is a pretty common one and there is nothing new in what I am asking you to do. Nevertheless, reinforcement always helps!

Climbing stairs also is a great form of cardio exercise and while climbing stairs, you are actually lifting your body up against the gravitational force which requires a whole lot of effort, in turn, burning calories and making you lose weight.

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