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French Beans Sesame Saute

French Beans Sesame Saute Looking for a light salad to whet your appetite or are you looking for a flavoursome salad which will help in your weight loss quest? Then this French bean sesame sauté is a must-make recipe. Rich

Chole Chaat Recipe | Truweight

 Chole Chaat This high protein and fibre beans are named after a popular North Indian recipe named Chole. Coming to the nutritional benefits, we can rattle off a list of nutrients contained in chickpeas. Right from vitamin K,

Ecstatic Rainbow Salad!

Ecstatic Rainbow Salad! A colorful and perfect accompaniment to main dishes, the appealing rainbow salad minimizes work at the stove and maximizes the usage of fruits and vegetables. Forget the mac and Cheese and dig into

Truweight Healthy Chana Jor (Zor) Salad

Truweight Healthy Chana Jor (Zor) Salad Do you love making your own salads at home? Salads are very comfortable to make because it is hassle free and does not require cooking. Salads are healthy, delicious and work best