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Channa with Egg and seeds cocktail


Channa is best known for its natural benefits for weight loss. It highly rich in fiber content and controls the appetite by making you feel full for longer. It is also the primary source of dietary protein for vegetarians, hence it aids in weight management.

The Recipe

  • Soak red Bengal grams overnight
  • Add some salt and one teaspoon olive oil and boil it in a pressure cooker
  • Boil 2 eggs separately, peel off the egg whites, cut into small pieces
  • In a pan, add little cold pressed oil, some garlic, ginger, thyme and basil seasoning
  • Now, add onion, green chilies, tomato into the pan
  • Cook them for 5-10 minutes and then add the boiled channa

Note: Don’t add water. Keep it dry!

  • Add salt and red chilies/black pepper as per taste.
  • Now, pour the mixture into a bowl and add the egg white pieces into it.
  • For flavors, add some chaat masala and lemon juice for the tang.
  • Add one tablespoon of freshly roasted seeds cocktail. This will add to the crunchiness!

It’s light and energy booster! Serve it as healthy breakfast or evening snack.

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