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Red Wine versus White Wine: What’s better for your heart?

Red wine vs white wine-Benefits
Red wine vs white wine

Are you having a nice dinner at home and contemplating whether you should open a bottle of wine to enrich your experience?

Go right ahead! Studies have shown that alcohol, when taken in moderation, has health benefits.

Wine, in specific has been found to be beneficial for a healthy heart. Not only does wine help regulate your appetite and prevents overeating, but it also lowers your cholesterol.

Recent studies have even shown that it has a number of added benefits, such as a boost to the immune system, and stronger bones. But are all types of wine good for your heart?

Red wine benefits
Health benefits of red wine

Red, White and You!

The major difference in colour between red wine and white wine comes from the fact that red wine is made from dark red and black grapes, while white wine is made from white grapes.

But there is a bigger difference! You see… red wine uses the whole grape when it is being made including the seeds and the skin.

In the production of white wine, the skin is removed. This is why red wine has a richer flavor to it, as compared to white wine.

The Red Wine Advantage

Since red wines include the skin of the grapes, it has a powerful antioxidant called Resveratrol.

Studies have shown that resveratrol reduces cholesterol, prevents blood clots that could clog your arteries, and prevents damage to blood vessels.

Even though white wine has benefits like maintaining lung health, but it lacks the high amount of resveratrol that red wine has.

If you don’t have a strong dislike for red wine over white wine, red wine would be the smarter choice!

Moderation is the key!

Before you go and gulp a whole bottle of red wine down, you should know that binge-drinking alcohol could cause brain and liver damage, apart from a variety of other physical and mental disorders.

Alcohol is also said to be responsible for three percent of all cancer cases. So it would be the responsible thing to not drink more than one glass of wine (125ml) a day. So say cheers and enjoy your food!

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