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Health Benefits of Jowar – Fortify your Well Being!

Jowar or sorghum is rated among the top five healthy grains in the world. Steam it, boil it, use it in a stew, make a soup out of it; well this grain can be used in multiple ways rather than just grinding it to a flour.

In the initial years, this millet was used as animal feeds. However, soon jowar’s exceptional health benefits came to light post which it featured in the human plate too.

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Jowar could easily replace staple grains such as rice and wheat making for a gluten-free alternative.

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Incredible Health Values!

Needless to say, jowar is a treasure trove of nutrients such as calcium, fibre, iron, phosphorus, thiamin and protein.

Consuming this whole grain millet could render many of the supplements useless!

The Weight Loss Effects

The fibre content in jowar could keep hunger pangs at bay by influencing satiety. Looking for weight loss? Jowar is your friend then.

Improves Digestive System and Fights Constipation

Jowar helps to regulate the bowel movements, boosts metabolism and averts issues like cramps, bloating, gas and stomach ache owing to its rich fibre content.

Health Benefits of Jowar

Boosts Immune System

Jowar amplifies your immunity to a great extent. It contains magnesium, calcium and copper that is responsible for stronger bones and tissues.

The iron content in jowar ensures multiplication of red blood cells.

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Controls Cholesterol Level

Consuming jowar reduces the bad cholesterol effectively. Phytochemicals and plant sterols present in jowar have shown to have hypocholesterolemic effect.

Jowar also helps in regulating the plasma LDL cholesterol concentration.

Thwarts Cardiovascular Diseases

The presence of antioxidants; in addition to nutrients like vitamin E and B, magnesium and iron, helps to avoid many cardiovascular conditions.

It also prevents the clumping of platelets, thereby reducing the threat of heart attack.

Jowar Roti
Jowar Roti

It is Anti-diabetic

Jowar is recommended for patients with diabetes due to the nutrients which double up as antioxidants.

These nutrients help impede diabetes causing factors like protein glycation.

High fibre content slows down the raptness of carbohydrate, which help to regulate the sugar level in blood.

Prevents Cancer

According to the research, 3-Deoxyanthocyanidins, a chemical composite in jowar could have anti-cancer properties.

Essential for cellular membranes

Jowar contains phosphorus, which supports the growth and repair of bones. It is also essential for building the cell membrane phospholipids, DNA and RNA.

Good for Celiac Patients

Patients having celiac disease experience inflammation, digestive problems and joint pains. It is the gluten content in grains like wheat which causes this condition.

As jowar is gluten free, it is beneficial for their good health and wellbeing.

Jowar is a high-end source of phosphorus, calcium, protein and fibre. The presence of iron and copper helps regulate proper blood circulation, which fuels cell growth, hair repair and enhances overall functioning of the body.

Try out the “Gluten Free Atta”, which has 30% of Jowar and other whole grains.

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  1. Poonam Soni says

    How to make jowar roti? It breaks when I make it

    1. Soma Raghavendra says

      Hi Poonam! We request you to search with the same subject in youtube, you will get to see many videos on the same where you can see and learn. Keep following our blog to know more health information.

  2. S.Durairaj says

    It is Good Information thanks for sharing !!

    1. netravati says

      Thank you for your valuable feedback.