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Biggest Losers of Truweight Share 7 useful Non-Diet Tips!

Don’t look for Shortcuts: Kiran Kumar (lost 32 kgs)     

Kiran Kumar (lost 32 kgs)Weight loss pills. Sauna belts. Non-surgical liposuction machines.

Heat treatment. Weight loss massages. Slimming vests. 7 mins Flat Abs workout machines. Morning Walker machine. List of shortcuts are endless.

But there is only way to lose weight: EAT RIGHT. Remember, what comes easy won’t last. And what lasts won’t come easy.

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Focus on Health:Sumathi k pillai (lost 20 kgs)Sumathi k pillai (lost 20 kgs)

People often starve themselves to lose weight. But there cannot be anything more wrong than that.

When you starve, you are losing your health. Your body needs fuel, minerals and vitamins. Only food can provide that.

Please for God’s sake, don’t lose the forest for the trees.  Health is far more important than mere weight loss.

Don’t experiment on your body with some fancy zero carb diet, juice diet, etc.  I had done that earlier, and I now realize how important it is to focus on health.

Make yourself Accountable: Ashwini (lost 20 kgs)

Ashwini (lost 20 kgs)Unsuccessful people always blame others for failure, whereas successful people always make themselves accountable.

Any dietician or coach can only tell you what to eat or give you food products, but ultimately, it’s you who have to follow the program.

Nobody else can do it for you.Like a teacher can only teach you, not study for you.


Think Long term and not Short term: Niharika ( lost 25kgs)

Niharika ( lost 25kgs)If you want to lose lot of weight in 1 month, then you should think again. You didn’t gain all that weight in one month, so you shouldn’t expect to lose it one month as well.

Fast weight loss means faster bounce back. Slow and steady is always good.  Aim for 2-3 kgs weight loss every month. If you can do that, you lose 24-36 kgs in a year.

I lost 25 kgs over 6months.  That’s just 4 per month, but overall I couldn’t have been happier!

Log Food in the App: Girijamma (lost 15 kgs )

Girijamma (lost 15 kgs )

When I was told to log food in the app, I was not happy. I said I don’t have time for such unnecessary activity.

As long as I am eating healthy, what difference can an app make. I reluctantly agreed to do it. But I was surprised at the results. It made me more conscious.

I was able to track my health $ and figure out myself whether I am eating healthy or not.

Trust your Coach: Indumathi (lost 11 kgs)

Having a coach was the difference between success and failure for me.She was not just a coach, she was a friend, mentor and a teacher.She answered all my queries, motivated me when I was down and out and never let me lose hope.

I have always appreciated teachers in my life and my coach got added to my list of favourite teachers.

Indumathi (lost 11 kgs)


Be positive and Never give up: Vijay chandran ( Lost 12 kgs )

Right attitude is 50% battle won. If you start a journey with a question mark and with lot of doubts in your mind, your results will not be great.

My doctor used to say cure is 50% medicines and 50% faith in the medicines. There will be times when you will not lose weight, it happens with everyone.

Vijay chandran ( Lost 12 kgs )

That is a test of your character.

Don’t give up, eventually the damn needle in your weighing machine will move.  Mine did 🙂

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