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Weight Loss Starts in the Mind, The Body Follows

Weight Loss Starts in the Mind, the Body Follows

We feel willpower is totally overrated!  It’s not willpower, but mind training that is the first step required in any weight loss program.  

More than the body, we need to train our mind to be disciplined and keep nudging ourselves with small motivation.

A proactive thought of a wholesome meal plan can change the game and toss the ball in your court. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to follow the nutrition protocols once  you are in the right frame of mind!

Clear your mind   

The Truweight weight loss program expects  an unbiased mind that is free from all media information and hype.

Everything you read over the internet and watch on TV about health and nutrition cannot be trusted until tested and proven. And hence, they should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Truweight has a well-researched program that has successfully delivered sustainable weight loss to thousands of clients.  And it all starts with unlearning what you currently think you know about healthy eating!


Believe in what you are doing

It is important that you believe in yourself while you are following this program. It will help you change your habits and transform into a fitter you.

Believe truly  in your new way of life and don’t let anyone distract you from your weight loss regime. “Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels”.

Eliminate negative thinking

Negative thoughts are rule-breakers! You have to kill the negative thoughts with positivity.  The moment you think, “I know I’m going to fail,” tell yourself, “I know I can successfully change my eating habits and my life.”

If you repeat this statement, at least, five times a day, or simply use it to replace any negative thinking, we guarantee that you will begin to feel more positive and confident about your efforts to adopt a new lifestyle.

Follow Kaizen

It’s the practice of making continuous improvement, make small changes daily. Focus on adding one food at a time rather than cutting out food.  You’ll be surprised how these small changes will culminate into a big step forward in no time at all.


Set Goals and Positive Affirmations

Define your own goals and challenge them! Before you start the food and lifestyle changes, choose three affirmations, like “yes I can”, “I am a disciplined body, mind, and soul”, “Being fitter is awesome”. These positive statements will help you feel better.

Build Support

Creating a support system will help you stay focused in your goals. It will not only change your lifestyle but also give you  an environment where you can talk about your accomplishments and challenges freely.

Connect with your co-workers or neighbours with similar goals, and together you can share healthy recipes and plan group exercises.

Remember your Motivation

Knowing the real reason for losing weight is like the fuel for your weight loss and detox journey. Think about or write down the advantages of losing your weight and the advantages of NOT losing weight.

Ask yourself “What are you willing to forego to achieve your goal”. When you see that the advantages of losing weight outweigh the advantages of NOT losing weight, your subconscious will support you fully in your weight loss journey.

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  1. Swati Unde says

    Truweight has totally helped me to understand about healthy eating and many other parameters. I have set my goals n I ll achieve them with my coach guidelines

    1. shama says

      Hi Swati, We appreciate your feedback. Thanks for writing to us.

  2. Hema Ganesan says

    I entered the programme in mid November 2017, for 5 months with the same intention of bringing my weight within my BMI which is between 65 and 70 Kg. I had faithfully followed the programme and with support of my Coach , my weight came down to 70.4 as on today from say 78.5 on empty stomach. As I still fall short of the target of reaching my to be within my BMI, I shall extended the programme for 3 months more.
    I do expect that my weight loss will be adequate enough to reach below 70 kg as early as possible.
    In addition to that I am keen to get your guidance to maintain my weight within the BMI range so that I don’t again add weight as before in the absence of weight reduction plan after this 3 months period.
    I stress this because I have tendency to add weight due my health issues like
    a) Thyroid
    b) Inability to go for such excersice like fast walk etc as I have both my knees replaced by surgery.

    1. shama says

      We will surely look into it. Since you had been following the program diligently, we are sure you will see good results. However, you can still reach out to us directly. We are always here for you. ☺

  3. Kirti Dasha says

    It’s just been 5 days of my detox and I am already feeling healthy, more active than before! I believe it’s rightly said what ever you do just believe in yourself that you are going to make the most out of it. Thanks Truweight For making me aware of the fact that eating healthy superfoods can also help you lose weight and stay fit. Thanks to my health coach hazel who is always available to answer all my queries.
    Stay fit, Stay Healthy

    1. netravati says

      Thank you for your feed back. Keep following our blog for more such articles.

  4. Tejal Tanna says

    I am health conscious n weight conscious person. Though i didn’t have much weight but then also was trying different different methods to cut down few kilos. But i was not getting any result. Somehow i was feeling frustrated as to why my weight is not responding!!! Then i tried searching on internet to find some weight loss program and finally i found Truweight. Now I am fan of Truweight as i lost 7 kgs of my weight in 4.5 months. And that too by eating healthy food n without skipping any meal. Thenafter i continued for 3 months maintenance program and now i took Annual Membership.
    Thank You Team Truweight n my dietician Ms Seema Kausar.

    1. mehnaz says

      Hi Tejal,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. We are glad that Truweight could help you in your weight loss journey. Our customers are our biggest strength that inspires us to work harder every day. Keep following our blogs for articles on health and weight loss. 🙂

  5. Shashikala says

    Thanks for your guidance and motivation. I am happy that I come across Truweight and under the detox diet programme. I started feeling that I got a solution for my healthy diet and to lose weight. My craving for food has come down as Iam assured of 3meals a day and with some snacks in the evening. The confusion has been replaced with clarity of healthy diet. Iam hopeful that I will achieve my goal in this regard. Thanks for the Tru weight team.

    1. mehnaz says

      Hi Shashikala,

      Thank you so much for the feedback. In Truweight, customers’ satisfaction is our topmost priority. We are glad to hear it from you. So keep eating healthy and stay awesome as you have always been. 🙂

  6. yogesh Handa says

    Nice thoughts. It’s all in the mind. Believe in yourself and others will follow you, as in my case over only 5 days of starting the program. Thanks tru weight. Yogesh Handa.

    1. Shobha Shastry says

      Dear Yogesh!

      So glad to know this. Keep having such a positive disposition and we are sure that you will scale great lengths 🙂

  7. Vaidehi bang says

    I am scared of the increasing weight in a span of just couple of months

    1. Truweight says

      Don’t worry take action now to stop further weight gain. You can walk-in for free weight loss consultation at our Bangalore and Hyderabad centers. We provide free home consultation also. Call us @-1800-102-1255

  8. Suresh says