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Sonam Kapoor’s Weight Loss Story Will Inspire You To Be Like Her!

Walking down on the red carpet, she looked stunningly beautiful and elegant!

Yes, I am talking about none other than the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor Weight who steals the show with her uptown fashion sense and glam. We all want to be like her!

Sonam Kapoor Before and after
Sonam Kapoor Before and after

But, before joining the B-Town, famously known fashionista, Sonam Kapoor weight was once 86 kilos! Unimaginable, but true!

Sonam put on most of this weight when she was in Singapore for two years. For the foodie she is, chocolates and desserts are the big time cravings that she can’t say no to!

Sonam Kapoor Before Weight Loss!

After coming back to India, she assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Black and mostly worked off screens. The idea of becoming an actress never crossed her mind. But little did she know that she would be a star!

She was asked to lose weight for the casting of Sawariyaa which inspired the actress in her. With proper fitness guidance and diligence, she lost over 30 Kgs over a year’s time.

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When she signed her first movie, people noticed a different Sonam who was slim, fit and with beauty at its best.

Sonam Kapoor Weight Loss Clandestine

She gives most of her weight loss credits to her mom for making her follow a strict and healthy diet. Nevertheless, it was her disciplined lifestyle that helps her to achieve the sexy silhouette that she has now! How?


Sonam Kapoor at Cannes Film Festival
Sonam Kapoor at Cannes Film Festival

A healthy regime is what happened to her. This wasn’t any miracle! It took her a year of sacrifices and sweating to be the diva that people aspire to be now.

She followed an austerely healthy diet with regular fitness training and avoided all the fast foods. Let’s take a peek into her healthy lifestyle.

Sonam Kapoor Diet Plan

She prefers low-carbs high protein diet and eats 5-meals a day.

For breakfast, she eats oatmeal and a healthy bowl of fruits. After workout sessions, she is served with brown bread, eggs whites and protein shake with juice.

Her lunch plates mostly have one ragi roti, dal, sabzi, grilled chicken or fish, and salads.

Early Morning1 glass warm water with lime juice and honey
BreakfastOatmeal and a healthy bowl of fruits.
Mid-morning SnackNuts and coconut water/fresh fruit juice
Lunch1 pearl millet/ sorghum flour chapati + dal + fish/chicken + vegetable curry + salad
SnackHigh-fiber crackers with chicken cold cuts or egg whites
DinnerSoup + salad + chicken/fish

Apart from these meals, she makes sure that she munches on dry fruits every 2 hours to keep her going on her heavily packed schedule of workouts and shoots. She also drinks a lot of water throughout the day!At evenings, she has high-fiber crackers with chicken cold cuts or egg whites. Soup, salad and a piece of chicken or fish is the last meal of the day.

Sonam Kapoor Workout and Exercises

Sonam Kapoor Weight loss Journey
Sonam Kapoor Weight loss Journey

In a recent movie Khoobsurat, she played the role of nimble-footed physiotherapist and reaped compliments for her lean and fit body.

Want to know how she achieved that? She starts her day with jogging, 30 mins cardio, and power yoga every day. She never misses her 45-minutes pilates session in the evening.

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She likes to dance and goes for a swim in free time. And she plays squash too! Can you beat that?

All you ladies out there who aspire to be slim and fit, this isn’t hard once you start the healthy journey! 

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