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PCOS Management Through Truweight Program

PCOS Causes

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS) Among Indian Women

There is an alarming rise in the numbers of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) among Indian women aged 18 – 44 years.

The condition greatly impacts their quality of life and can also lead to long-term conditions like diabetes and hypertension.  Ironically, most of the women are neither educated nor aware about its management.

About 80% of women with PCOS are overweight or obese due to hormonal imbalance. Right medical and lifestyle intervention can greatly help in weight loss and management of PCOS symptoms.


According to Suhasini Mudraganam, Truweight’s Chief Nutritionist and the brainchild behind the weight loss modus operandi, Truweight manages about 200 PCOS cases on an average and no two cases are the same.

She and her team comprising of Seniormost Nutritionists’ like the talented Ms. Hemalatha M with over a decade of expericne and Ms.Priyanka Sadhukhan manage the symptoms differently for different clients. They believe in adopting an individualised, evidence-based nutrition approach to every case of PCOS.

A successful intervention for PCOS according to the team comprises of managing the nutritional needs, medical history, exercise regime, food preferences, and goals of the woman.

Truweight has a specialised PCOS Management Team and this book has distilled the knowledge and experience of over 30 dieticians and seniors.

They share their astute knowledge about PCOS, its management, and the nutritional strategy; something that has helped over 8000 of Truweight’s clients deal with PCOS and other conditions successfully.

Role of Diet & Nutrition in PCOS management


Nutrition plays an important role in managing PCOS. A combination of right nutrition, essential supplements, exercise and medical management gives the best results.

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The hallmark of PCOS is nutritional deficiencies. For example, 67-85% of women with PCOS were observed to have vitamin D deficiency. Supplementing with vitamin D has shown to improve menstrual regularity and insulin resistance.

Similarly, incorporating vitamin C-rich food like amla, lemon, and hibiscus helps to produce oestrogen. Functional food like hibiscus flower helps to regulate estrogen and progesterone balance, which is needed for regular menstrual periods.

PCOS Symptoms
Women with PCOS

Obesity is one of the common offenders making PCOS symptoms worse. Studies have shown that even a 5% weight reduction with right diet, moderate exercise, and behavioral therapy can trigger body changes that improve the conditions.

Early diagnosis and comprehensive nutritional and medical treatment is essential to control the symptoms of PCOS. This results in improved quality of life and reduced risk of long-term complications.

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  1. Mrs.Prisca Joseph Nitin says

    Hi, I am not a pcos patient, however I have premature amenorrhea for which I am under treatment similar to pcos. I am 74 kg with height of 5.2 ft. Kindly suggest a weight loss program for me that will help me lose weight and won’t even drill a bigger hole in my pocket

    1. Shobha Shastry says

      Hello Mrs. Prisca,

      As you are a medical professional yourself, you would be aware that a PCOS patient will have a complex interplay of hormones which makes weight loss difficult. Even smallest aberration in the hormones levels could skew the chances of weight loss.

      We would not like to recommend any particular program as such but would request you to drop by into any of the Truweight centres and speak to one of our Nutrition coaches who specialises in weight loss among PCOS patient. You could ask away all your doubts and only when you are satisfied can you proceed with the plans.

      This first consultation will be free for you! Just click on the link and get started.

  2. Nagma sheikh says

    I m 23 year old, n suffering from pcos, I gaied 10 kg weight suddenly, now I m 72 kg, n I have lot of hairs on my face, I consulted doctor but no improvement I found. Plss suggest me good supplements,I really need it

    1. Shobha Shastry says

      Hello Nagma,

      Let us take this opportunity to invite you over to our centre and have a heart-to-heart chat with our dieticians. At Truweight, we see a lot of ladies who suffer from PCOS but with dietary modifications, they almost reverse this hormonal condition. We have even written a detailed book about PCOS.

      To help you with this, here is a free consultation offer just for you. Enter your details and we will schedule an appointment.

      Drop by, get your body composition analysed, and talk to our dieticians to understand what is the best non-pharmacological approach in helping PCOS. Thanks